Sanremo: Chiara Ferragni launches Amadeus on Instagram!

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Sanremo: Chiara Ferragni launches Amadeus on Instagram!

Here is the experiment done during the first evening of Sanremo 2023, where Chiara Ferragni launched the Instagram profile of Amadeus (@amadeusonoio) live on TV.

Sanremo: whether you watch it or not, talk about it, admit it. There's no way you woke up this morning without coming across a comment about what happened or forming an opinion. In one way or another we all talk about it!

(Yes also to complain that everyone talks about it).

And what happens if we add the communication skills of one of the 10 most influential people in Italy with the most watched TV show in Italy?

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What happened?

Chiara Ferragni helped Amadeus to “create” and launch his new Instagram profile (new because until yesterday he had a couple profile with his wife!). After having him create and post her first content, she – or rather her team – reposted it in her stories complete with tags to guide her 28 million followers to follow Amadeus.
profile growth amadeus sanremo 2023
The profile of @giovanna_e_amadeus: guess when the Festival was!

The main Italian influencers and VIPs joined in, who in turn guided their communities on the Amadeus profile, bringing tens of thousands of interactions, which generated more than 600K likes and 83,000 comments.

All of this obviously happened live on television during the most watched and followed broadcast in Italy with almost 11 million viewers according to the shared share data.

The results and records of Amadeus and Chiara Ferragni

What did all this generate? Probably the Italian record of follower growth: more than 500,000 in the first 2 hours and in the following morning the account surpassed the historic couple profile by exceeding 670,000 follower, we arrived at lunch 770,000.

Every time you go check the number again you will see it increase visibly during the days of the festival, I'm sure.
amadeus sanremo growth 2023
The rise of Amadeus' profile in the early hours!
Another record is probably that of faster blue tick never obtained. Ok, it's television, nothing is improvised, there were certainly Meta or Instagram already notified, in fact the blue check arrived within 200 seconds after launch.

Other ideas

LIVE STREAMING: during the same evening they started an Instagram live which was also announced on live TV. Very few minutes that reached peaks of 285,000 people connected. Another impressive number for social media and food for thought to perhaps move on to measuring the real television audience in a more digital way.

Chiara Ferragni NEVER BANAL: she has done many red carpets and there have been many dresses designed for her and with her. But never has she communicated them like during the first evening of Sanremo. Let's talk about the beautiful line of content posted on Chiara's profile, that is, an explanation of her clothes with which she has unique characteristics:
  • Explanation of clothes posted in contemporary with its appearance television which creates another good case study for the “second screen” or in any case for an ever closer integration of TV and digital. While you watch the broadcast, you have an explanation of the dress on social media and can comment on it.
  • Create an engagement (very high) with Chiara Ferragni's followers, even with those who are not watching the festival on TV, thus increasing interest in Sanremo and – probably – contributing even more to the attention towards the launch of Amadeus' Instagram profile.

How much does Ferragni convert? And how much does the TV convert?

If we consider the share numbers (around 11 million) + Ferragni's followers (28 million), having brought in 500,000 people is more than 1% conversion: not bad!

If we consider the views of Ferragni's story and the real people in front of the TV, leaving aside the audited estimates (it has been said several times how unreliable they are) and imagining a range between 5 and 10 million total people, then the conversion becomes even more more interesting: between 5% and 10% conversion!

Good thing he only knows how to take selfies!

Article written by Alex Ballato Of @hellodì four hands with NJL

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