Communities on WhatsApp: How to use them?

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Communities on WhatsApp: How to use them?

Recently, WhatsApp has updated its app and added new functionalities, showing that WhatsApp, much more than a messaging app, has a lot to offer and has long-term plans.

In this article we will talk about WhatsApp communities and how they are timidly activating from region to region, so it is a matter of time before they end up reaching the entire world. So if you still don't have this new feature active in your account, we are going to tell you everything you need to get the most out of WhatsApp.

whatsapp community function

What are WhatsApp communities?

WhatsApp has decided to create a kind of hierarchy superior to its groups, which until now all functioned independently. This is how communities are born, which are basically a collection of groups with a common theme. Each community has members, a name, an icon, an ad group and up to 24 subgroups inside.

The main idea behind communities is that people with common tastes or interests can divide conversations into more specific thematic groups.

For example, a streamer's community may have one group for reporting when they will stream, another for issues that may arise in chat, and another for content suggestions, ideas, and so on.

Communities can have up to 24 groups, and within each one can have 512 or 1024 participants. The only way to access these groups is through an invitation link.

Where are the WhatsApp communities

If you go to WhatsApp you will see that the communities have stolen the place of the camera tab and are in the middle of the bottom menu. Therefore, when you have active communities in WhatsApp, you will see them in the first tab of the application, on the far left.

The first time you enter this tab you will see a welcome screen, but once you start using the communities function, all the communities in which you are a member will be shown here, each one encompassing the subgroups it contains, although initially They show you only the three groups with the most recent activity. To see all the subgroups, you must click see all.

whatsapp communities functionHow to create a community

Although WhatsApp encourages you to create a community, it is not necessary from the communities tab. You can simply join an existing one, as we will see in the next section.

The only difference comes in the next step, because instead of adding members, what we must do is add groups. The notifications group is already created on its own, but we can also create new groups or add others that we already have, with the only requirement that it no longer belongs to a community (it can only be in one).

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How to add members to your community?

As we mentioned before, adding members is just as simple as adding them to a normal group but it has some small changes. The main and most important one, as we have mentioned before, is that to enter you need an invitation to the community through a link.

And you will wonder: How is it done? Well, very simple, you must create it in the community through the context menu and go to see members. After clicking on the community invitation link, you have the option to copy it to the clipboard, send it to a chat or share it with other installed apps.

Once you have done all this, it's time to enjoy the communities and grow your own while sending photos, videos, audios and closest content.

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