Restrict Instagram: what and how to use the resource to limit comments and DMs

Instagram allows you to restrict accounts to limit comments and DMs
Instagram allows you to restrict accounts to limit comments and DMs
Instagram allows you to restrict accounts to limit comments and DMs (Image: Lupa Charleaux/Tecnoblog)

Restricting Instagram is a resource that limits the comments and messages of a person for you on the social network. This is a way to get rid of certain interactions without stopping following or blocking someone.

When restriction is done, comments from this contact will need to be approved by you and the messages sent directly to the contact request box. The process of restricting someone is a person’s profile, similar to blocking a profile.

You can find a list of accounts that are restricted by you in the application settings. Instagram does not send notifications that you have been restricted.

See more below and how to restrict someone on Instagram.

what about restricting Instagram?

Restricting Instagram is a way to limit the interactions of a person with your profile. A restricted user will see fewer details about their profile and the contact options will be more limited than for a user who has not been restricted by you.

People use restrictions on Instagram when they want more privacy or limit interactions with a certain person on the social network. However, we do not want to take more drastic actions such as blocking or unfollowing, which may be inconvenient at times.

What happens when you restrict someone on Instagram?

When you restrict a person on Instagram, the user’s interactions with their profile become limited. These are the events that occur after restriction:

  • All direct messages sent through the restricted profile are directed to the “Contact Requests” box. Restricted people cannot see when you are online or when messages are displayed;
  • All comments are hidden from the rest and hidden by the parent. At first, only people can see or see content;
  • You do not receive notifications of any new comments regarding your profile. If you want to see the messages, you must touch the “See comment” option in your publication;
  • You need to approve the comments of a restricted profile so that they are publicly displayed for other users. It is also possible to exclude or just ignore the messages.

How to restrict people on Instagram

1. Access or profile that you want to restrict on Instagram

Open the Instagram app on your cell phone and make sure the @ you want to restrict on the social network.

You can find your profile by browsing (by tapping on the magnifying glass icon, on the bottom left corner of the screen), or in other sections of the app, such as Stories, DM, Reels and feed.

Step by step shows how to create a profile to restrict Instagram

2. Play three points, not the top edge directly

Touch the three points on the top edge directly on the canvas to open the Instagram options.

Step by step shows how to access options to restrict non-Instagram profile

3. Tap “Restrict” to limit an account on Instagram

Tap the “Restrict” option to start the Instagram profile restriction process.

Step by step shows how to restrict an account on Instagram

4. Complete the restriction by tapping “Restrict account”

The first time you use or restrict Instagram, a message will ask if you are having problems with your profile and inform you about the details of the tool. Then, tap the blue “Restrict Account” button to conclude.

Next time you will have to restrict a profile, or Instagram will show a page with a summary of the resource’s actions. Then, tap the “Ignore” option to complete the restriction process.

Notice about what happens when you restrict someone on Instagram

How to unrestrict Instagram

Access the Instagram settings, through your profile on the social network, and touch the “Restrictions” option in the “How others can we interact with you” section.

Or Instagram will show a list with all the restricted accounts. Tap the “Remove Restriction” button to remove the restriction.

Step by step shows how to unrestrict Instagram

Will I know if someone is restricting me on Instagram?

Instagram does not notify you when your profile is restricted. However, it is possible to investigate some details to know if you have been restricted on Instagram.

For example, access the profile of someone you knew was restricting you from using another user. If you have an open profile, you will be able to see if your comments are being displayed to everyone. If messages do not appear, they may have been restricted.

Can anyone who was restricted on Instagram see my posts?

Sim. Restricted people can see their stories, reels and posts on the Instagram feed. However, the comments below are not displayed directly to you and other users. To prevent people from harassing your Instagram posts, it is necessary to go to a private account or block your unwanted profile.

Can restricted people send me messages on Instagram?

Sim. The restricted profile can send direct messages to you on Instagram. However, DMs are hidden and routed directly to the “Contact Requests” box.

To avoid receiving messages from people you do not follow, change your Instagram privacy settings and make your profile private.

What is the difference between restricting and blocking Instagram?

When you block someone on Instagram, your account is no longer displayed to people. He cannot view your profile, your feed or send direct messages. This is a more drastic way to protect privacy and avoid unwanted interactions.

What is the difference between restricting and muting on Instagram?

When you silence someone on Instagram, the contents published by them (non-feed posts, stories and notes) are hidden only for you. You also do not receive notifications of the muted user’s activities or when he or she sends direct messages.

On the other hand, silenced people can see and interact with your posts and stories without a limiter. For example, comments are available to everyone, unlike what happens when the account is restricted. The muted user can also send DMs to you.

Restrict Instagram: what and how to use the resource to limit comments and DMs

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