Microsoft wants Copilot to open automatically when starting Windows 11

Windows 11 screen as Copilot in the direct sidebar
Copilot replaces Cortana in Windows 11 (Image: Divulgação/Microsoft)

Microsoft has started testing a move in Windows 11 so that the system opens automatically or Copilot, with its new artificial intelligence assistant, can start. The experiment is limited to the developer channel, as part of the Windows Insider program, and is another company committed to AI.

In a blog post, the company says that the novelty will be tested on the widescreen devices of some program participants. As you observed or Verge, Microsoft does not detail what it means to say “widescreen”. Is it valid for 16:9 fabrics, like most of them? Is it only for longer monitors than this? Since Copilot is a sidebar, it makes sense to think that it is better that the resource only opens automatically on monitors with adequate space for this.

Windows 11 configuration screen with the option to enable or disable Copilot initialization
Copilot's automatic initialization can be deactivated (Image: Disclosure/Microsoft)

The Copilot can also gain options for chatbots or third-party plug-ins. This was not announced by Microsoft, but an X user (formerly Twitter) known as Albacore discovery This option is hidden in the settings.

Fortunately, if you do not like or are not interested in Copilot, it is possible to deactivate automatic initialization. In any case, it is another step to modify Windows 11 after purchasing a computer or installing the system.

It's not just Windows: Microsoft is putting AI in everything

Microsoft is betting heavily on artificial intelligence for all of its products. In Windows, this is the same as changing the traditional Start button on two keyboards for a dedicated Copilot. Dell and Lenovo have announced their latest laptops.

Colorful key with Copilot marking
Design of the Copilot key on a PC keyboard (Image: Playback/Microsoft)

In other apps, the AI ​​must also check the Notepad itself. Famous for being the simplest text editor in the system, you must gain an assistant called Cowriter, to write, rewrite and revise passages. Paint, Edge, Bing and Microsoft 365 are other examples of applications and services that will receive artificial intelligence throughout 2023. In addition, Microsoft donates 49% of OpenAI, which develops ChatGPT and Dall-E.

Investors seem to believe that this will be good for Microsoft's business. As the company now expects a growth of 50% in 2023, a particularly notable jump after the prices of Microsoft 365 with Copilot will be revealed. In fifth place (11), the company is expected to overtake Apple in market value for a brief period.

With information: Microsoft, The Verge

Microsoft wants Copilot to open automatically when starting Windows 11

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