How to put up wallpaper in Google Chrome

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Changing the wallpaper in Google Chrome is the process of customizing the appearance of the home page or the new browser guide page. The feature allows users to choose a background image or a pre-defined wallpaper to display, replacing the system's default fabric. This customization helps make the browsing experience more pleasant and in accordance with your preferences.

To change the floor plan of Chrome, open a new guide and click on the customization option. Next, select “Change theme” in the settings and choose “Fazer upload an image” to select a new wallpaper available on your PC.

It is important to note that this customization option is not available in the mobile browser version, being exclusive for computers. See more details below.

Google Chrome Brand
Google Chrome (Image: Vitor Pádua/Tecnoblog)

1. Open a new guide in Chrome

You need to be on the “New Guide” page to customize the background image of your browser.

Google Chrome home screen on PC.

2. Click on “Customize or Chrome”

Select the option located on the bottom edge directly to open the Chrome customization screen.

The personalization button is located on the bottom edge directly of your fabric.

3. Select “Change theme” in the settings

You can also change the appearance of Google Chrome by clicking on the image displayed below “Appearance”.

Select the “Change Theme” button to display the option to change the background map of Chrome.

4. Click on “Fazer upload an image”

Select the option to place a new wallpaper in Google Chrome. It is possible to choose any wallpaper available on your computer.

Click on "Fazer upload" to upload a wallpaper to your computer in Chrome.

Is it possible to place a non-chrome wallpaper?

No. Google does not allow you to change the background map of the browser to the smartphone version. Personalization is only available on the computer.

Can I change the background image of Chrome without altering the issue?

Sim, it is possible to only alter the wallpaper of Google Chrome. To change the entire browser theme, you need to access the personalization page and select two available themes. It is also possible to install new themes from the Chrome app store, in the Chrome Web Store.

What is the difference between changing the theme and changing the background of Chrome?

To change the entire Chrome theme, the user modifies the cores present in the browser, in addition to changing the entire layout of the fabrics and the images that will be displayed. Changing the background of Google Chrome only personalizes the background of the “New Guide” web, without modifying the rest of the browser.

Another way to change the application theme is to use Chrome's Dark Mode. The resource alters the elements of the browser interface, such as tool bars, guides and menus, assuming darker cores, often with tons of zinc, red or dark blue.

Is it possible to remove an image from the background of Chrome?

The user manages to remove any background plane from Chrome. Simply access the customization screen, select the “Change theme” option and click on “Chrome template”. In this way, any change of theme will be reverted to the Chrome parent.

How to put up wallpaper in Google Chrome

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