Instagram Reels: what they are and how to make them in 10 steps (updated 2024)

Instagram Reels continue to be the most successful type of content on this social network for another year.

And since we want you to be up to date on Instagram and for your account to grow like crazy, we have prepared this guide with everything you need to know how to make Reels like a PRO , are you in? 

But first let’s start by knowing what they are:

What is an Instagram Reel

Instagram Reels are short videos that last up to 90 seconds with which you reveal your most creative side: you can add effects, music or your own audio to create content.

If you have a TikTok account, the previous definition is already familiar to you, right?

As you can see, it is an extra piece of content so that you continue using the Instagram application.

How to see reels on Instagram

Where to find the reels? You have three ways to do this:

  • In the explore section of your Instagram. In this section you can see the reel videos that Instagram shows you according to your interests. 
  • In the bottom menu of your Instagram screen you have the reels icon next to uploading a post.
  • If you want to see the Reels channel of a specific profile, you just have to log into their account and click on the ‘Reels’ icon right next to the feed and videos.

How to find reels on Instagram

In the explore section you can write the username or search the social network so that Instagram shows you the results of your search: among them the reels.

How do I know who viewed my reel on Instagram?

Unlike stories, reels do not have statistics to know who has seen your video. However, if you click on the three dots on the right and click on Insights you can see the number of accounts reached.

Also, if you want to see who has liked, at the bottom under the reel copy, you have all the people who have clicked on the heart: if you touch, a window opens with all the users who have liked

10 steps to make Reels on Instagram, very easy!

  • Enter Instagram
  • Locate the “Reels” option
  • Select your filters and other options
  • Start recording
  • Add the effects you want
  • Post-recording options
  • Choose your cover photo
  • Add descriptive text
  • Segment the audience you will reach
  • Share it with your community

Remember that to upload reels to Instagram you have two ways to do it: through the application itself or by recording your video externally.

Don’t worry, in this section you will see both. 

Get ready, today you are going to make your first reels on Instagram. 

Following these steps you will have the reels published in your Instagram section in no time:

Enter Instagram

Enter the Instagram application and tap the ‘‘ button as if you were going to share a Story.

Locate the “Reels” option

At the bottom of the screen, scroll through the different story options until you reach ‘Reels’ .

Select your filters and other options

In the left column you can choose the filter you want your reels to have, the music, the recording speed or if you want to use a timer. 

Start recording

Once all the elements have been chosen, all that remains is to record. As simple as touching the button in the center of the screenand holding it down for the duration of the recording.

Add the effects you want

Add a generated voice to read your text and use anything other than your own. Voice effects allow you to change the audio or recorded voice to add effects to your recordings.

Post-recording options

When you have recorded, two options appear on the screen. An arrow to the left, where you can shorten the video, and an arrow to the rightto download the reels to the mobile, add stickers, lines or texts. 

Choose your cover photo

The next step is to add a cover photo, which can be a moment from the video you have recorded or an image you have created and have on your mobile.

Add descriptive text

Finally, add a descriptive text to your reels, what the video is about, the related hashtags or mentioning other profiles you want.

Segment the audience you will reach

One of the latest options that came to Instagram Reels were some of the ones you will see in this screenshot.

Now you can give certain instructions to the platform so that your content is shown to which users. If you fill them out, you will be paving the way for it to reach exactly the audience profile you want to impact.

In particular, the “ Add themes ” option is interesting. If your reel is about business, entrepreneurship and technology and the brands within this option, Instagram will not show it to users whose profile is more related to cooking and gastronomy recipes, for example.

Share it with your community

Click to share and wait for your likes! 🙂

The music you add to your reels must be in the Instagram audio library, where you will have the most used ones and an explore section to look for new melodies.

You can also upload reels with other audios or your own that you have created. Of course, you have to record the video outside of the application.

Be careful if you upload music from another creator, as Instagram can automatically change your description and add its author.

How to upload a video to reels

If you already come with the video “recorded from home” and have it stored on your mobile phone, uploading a reel is even easier. 

➡️ The only step that changes is the first one. Instead of holding down the record button, click on the ‘Gallery’ button at the bottom left to access the videos stored on your mobile.

Then you just have to add text, stickers, cover photo and the text. In the same way you would do it if you recorded it from the app.

“If you want your Reels to have more views, you can also share it on your main feed, on the wall.”

Thus, it appears both in the feed and in your reels section and you will have a two-way path to reach Instagram users.

To do this, have the ‘Also share in the news’ option activated in the last step before uploading it.

Now you know how to record your reels and continue creating content for your Instagram profile.

Instagram reel size

Instagram reels, like any other content on the social network, have their own size. It is important that you take this into account so that your reel loads well and you do not have problems when publishing.

What is the size of reels on Instagram?

  • Reels Video : 1080 x 1920 pixels; 9:16 aspect ratio.
  • The length  is from 15″ to 90″.

How long does an Instagram reel last?

When you are going to record a reel from the application you have up to four duration options: 15 seconds, 30, 60 and 90. That is, the maximum is 90 seconds, one minute and a half.

This option only serves to set a limit for recording, but if you set a limit of 60 you can record up to 45 seconds.

If you share the reel on your Instagram stories you can see up to 60 seconds, which is how long a video in stories lasts. If it exceeds this duration, it is cut and goes to another story.

Instagram reels format

This type of videos can be in both vertical and horizontal formats. Of course, the ideal is to do it vertically, as it occupies the entire screen of the mobile device.

Taking these measurements and formats as a reference, you now have everything ready to start creating content on reels.

Why create Reels on Instagram

Just now that you are going to record your videos, a question comes to mind: is it really worth spending time creating reels?

The simple thing would be to say that it is useful because you are going to create content for your Instagram and that is always good. 

However, we want to give you more reasons to opt for this functionality in your Instagram content strategy.

“How to delete an Instagram reel? If there is content that you have published and it does not convince you, delete it without any problem.

It is a simple action, as it is the same as deleting any other Instagram post.

Go to the reels post that you want to delete, enter and click on the three points that you will find at the top right and tap on delete. Your reels post will have disappeared.”

You reach new users

Whenever Instagram introduces a new feature, app downloads and usage time consistently see a boost. Despite the continual addition of new features, the true game changer remains “Hashtags.” Select the perfect hashtags that align with your content and seamlessly integrate them at the conclusion of your reel descriptions. It’s that simple. If users find value in the content offered through reels, establishing your presence as a personal brand or online business becomes essential for reaching a broader audience.

Explore our “Instagram Hashtags” tool to effortlessly discover relevant and trending hashtags, enhancing your chances of receiving more likes and followers.

How to get right keywords for your Instagram reels

If you’re looking to elevate your Instagram game with trending and relevant hashtags, our ‘Instagram Hashtags‘ search tool is here to make it a breeze:

Explore: Instagram Hashtags Search Tool >>
  1. Copy the reel or content related ‘keyword‘ you want to enhance with targeted hashtags.
  2. Navigate to our ‘Instagram Hashtags‘ tool and paste your content into the search engine.
  3. Click on ‘Search‘ to discover the perfect hashtags that complement your content.
  4. Use the suggested hashtags by adding them to your post or reel description.
Explore: Instagram Hashtags Search Tool >>

It’s that straightforward! Elevate your Instagram presence, gain more visibility, likes, and followers with our user-friendly tool. Use trending hashtags today and take your Instagram strategy to the next level. If you’re keen on expanding your knowledge and influence on the platform, this tool is your key to success.

You generate interactions

The reels are short videos where the main role is given to fun and casual content to please users. Leaving shame aside is the order of the day in this type of content.

By sharing this type of videos you will increase the number of interactions with your posts: likes, comments, shares and saves. With this you will improve the presence of your profile on Instagram.

How to interact on reels

As with any type of Instagram publication, you can like, comment, add to your story or send private messages to another user as the main options.

Then, using the three-dot button at the bottom of the screen you can save the post, copy the link or share directly with other apps such as Whatsapp, Twitter or Mail.

You can even respond to a user from the Instagram Reels comment wall… by recording another Reels. This option is very useful, it serves to give importance to the user’s question and to create new content.

You just have to hit Reply (in the comment) > Click on the camera button on the left and record your response. You have all the usual options for recording a Reels and you can also put the comment on it so that your viewers know the context.

You connect with your audience

By sharing this content that is different from fixed posts or stories, more fun, you will attract a new type of audience and you will be able to connect with your followers in a different way.

If your brand’s tone allows it, you can present yourself to your followers in a way other than the usual content you share. This way, you will reinforce their commitment to your profile and maintain a great community.  

You already have several reasons to incorporate reels into your content strategy. You just have to start recording your reels.

What type of videos can you record for reels? 

4 ideas of viral Instagram Reels for your business

As we have told you before, the reels are videos in a humorous and casual tone, to have a good time for both those who record the content and the viewers.

Here we propose a couple of ideas so that your Instagram reels never go empty.

Do you sign them up?

Trend dances

It’s a fact: a user records himself dancing, the video goes viral and everyone signs up to do it. Furthermore, if the song is current, the success is double.

Dances are viral, entertaining content that gets a lot of interactions. They highlight the friendliness and boldness of the brand. If your followers see that you dare to do everything, you will increase their engagement with your account and improve interactions.

Sample of the products you sell

Even though you only have 30 seconds of time for the content of your reels, the possibilities are interesting for your online business.

One of them is to make an outfit of the products you sell, especially if it is clothing, where users can see how it looks on you. You can also take advantage of it to put it in your Instagram store or drive traffic to your website with the link in the bio.


It is one of the common contents on Instagram, both in stories and in still publications or videos.

In reels you can share quick recipes for breakfasts, snacks or dinners that your followers will appreciate. You have little time so it is ideal that you focus on what is important in the recipe and in the description add the ingredients and instructions.

Viral challenges

Challenges are a common classic on Instagram. So much so that the application has even created a category of stickers in stories to share them. 

And in reels it is not far behind. Dance challenges, strange postures, impossible jumps, among others, have become a great option thanks to the editing possibilities.

These are just a few ideas you can use to create content based on the tone of your brand or the sector of your business. 

In any case, if one day you wake up with a shortage of ideas, you just have to take a look at the reels section and get inspired by the content that other users have created. 

“Remember to keep your profile open to the public to reach more users and appear in the explore section of Instagram.”

If you keep it open to any user you will get more interactions, comments and will allow your reels to be shared with everyone. 

How to download your Instagram reels

If you want to download your reels to share them on other social networks or not lose them, you can do so from the SnapInsta page :

  • Copy the reel you want to download.
  • Go to SnapInsta and paste it into the search engine.
  • Click Download.
  • The reel downloads automatically.

Now you have everything you need to start with Reels on your Instagram and if you want to expand your knowledge…

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