Or what is VoWiFi? Understand how it works and the advantages of calling over Wi-Fi

O VoWiFi allows you to make voice calls over Wi-Fi networks. The main advantage of this technology is to provide high-quality links, especially when there is no cellular network coverage or the signal is very poor.

To work, Wi-Fi Calling must be offered by your telephone operator. Also, it is necessary to have a compatible smartphone with the enabled resource.

To continue, or Technoblog explains how VoWiFi works, as well as how it uses its advantages and limitations.

Or what does VoWiFi mean?

VoWiFi It is an acronym for Voice over Wi-Fi, which in Portuguese means voice call over Wi-Fi. It is a technology that allows you to connect to the Internet instead of connecting to a cell tower, and it is available on various smartphones and mobile operators.

Why does Wi-Fi Voice appear on my cell phone?

If your Android cell phone displays the Wi-Fi Voice or VoWiFi icon, it means that the smartphone will use the Wi-Fi network to make and receive traditional calls, with the same number as its chip. Otherwise, the cell phone will not connect to the telephone towers of its operator.

Or the same happens if Live Wi-Fi or Clear WiFi appears in the status bar of the iPhone. In this case, the device will use Wi-Fi Calling technology to make and receive connections.

The Wi-Fi Calling technology indicators may appear any time the cell phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. In some cases, VoWiFi technology is only activated when the device is outside the coverage area or with a broken cell phone signal.

Wi-Fi Calling symbols on Android and iOS smartphones
Wi-Fi Calling symbols on smartphones with Android and iOS (Image: Reprodução/Tecnoblog)

How does Wi-Fi calling work?

The operation of the Wi-Fi call is very similar to a conventional call. Instead, the cell phone will communicate with the cell towers, with voice converted into data, which is only sent to the Wi-Fi router. Next, the bytes are passed to the internet connection and to the servers of the internet operator (IMS).

At the operator, the call is decoded and processed like a link made by the traditional mobile network. From there, the connection is directed to the next interlocutor, whether there is a cell phone or a fixed telephone.

Illustration of the contents of the diagram Cell phone connected without Wi-Fi  data-recalc-dims= Long band internet network > Telephone operator servers > Traditional mobile network > Cell phone of another interlocutor” class=”wp-image-747676″>
How Wi-Fi Calling technology works (Image: Vitor Pádua/Tecnoblog)

Do I need to download apps to make a Wi-Fi call?

You do not need to download applications to use Wi-Fi Calling technology. It is necessary to have a compatible service plan and device to activate non-cellular VoWiFi.

Can you connect via Wi-Fi without using non-cellular credit?

No. The calls made using Wi-Fi Calling technology are charged according to the user's service plan. In situations like this, it is possible to make Wi-Fi connections using applications such as WhatsApp and FaceTime.

Can I connect to a fixed phone using Wi-Fi?

Sim. VoWiFi technology allows you to connect to a landline or cell phone. Resave fica for emergency numbers, such as 190 and 192, because the operators cannot determine the location on Wi-Fi Calling and route the call to the nearest center.

How are the advantages of Wi-Fi connections?

VoWiFi has benefits so you can connect locally without a cell phone signal. The main advantages of calls over Wi-Fi are:

  • Expanded coverage: Wi-Fi Calling allows you to face and receive links to your number at any location with internet via Wi-Fi, useful in localities where there is no coverage or the signal is broken.
  • Same mobile plane rate: Since VoWiFi works via the Internet, you can make and receive links to your number when traveling abroad and avoid international roaming rates.
  • Does not require registration: As authentication of Wi-Fi Calling is done by SIM Card, it is not necessary to enter any information or create accounts.
  • Does not require applications: Simply activate Wi-Fi calls directly in the settings of your smartphone.

What are the limitations of Wi-Fi connections?

Despite the advantages in terms of coverage, VoWiFi has some disadvantages that may impair or make its use unfeasible. The main limitations of Wi-Fi calls are:

  • Compatibility: All cell phones have the onboard Wi-Fi Calling feature.
  • Operator availability: Not all TVs offer VoWiFi for their customers.
  • Segregation of planes: Some operators, such as Claro, limit themselves to Wi-Fi calling technology for customers with post-paid plans.
  • Link quality: If the Wi-Fi network and internet connection are not there, it is possible to face angry meetings.

What is the difference between VoWiFi and VoLTE?

VoWiFi technology allows a smartphone to connect to Wi-Fi and make conventional connections using the Internet network. On the other hand, VoLTE calls use mobile networks with 4G LTE or 5G technology to establish communication.

What is the difference between VoWiFi and VoIP?

VoWiFi allows you to use the Internet when your cell phone is connected to Wi-Fi networks, and depends on the resources provided by the operator. Now VoIP technology includes all the calls that happen on the Internet, including connections via WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime and the like.

Or what is VoWiFi? Understand how it works and the advantages of calling over Wi-Fi

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