How not to lose quality in photos and videos published on Instagram

Find out how to prevent your photos and videos from appearing pixelated on Instagram (Image: Vitor Padua/Tecnoblog)

The quality of photos and videos on Instagram refers to the perception of the final product displayed to users and includes factors such as resolution, sharpness and processing. To improve the quality of the media published on Instagram Stories, Feed or Reels, you can adjust the mobile app to always load the best file possible.

When activating the high quality mode on Instagram, the social network will not make any distinction between the connection that is being used at the moment to compress two files. This is to say that the app can spend more data, regardless of whether it is not on Wi-Fi or on 4G and 5G networks.

It is worth highlighting that this greater consumption of data can exhaust more quickly the package of data moving from the cell phone level.

Depending on the network used, the upload of high-quality photos and videos can take longer. This will depend on the coverage and stability of the operator's signal.

A high-quality option is available in the Instagram application for cell phones with Android or iOS.

Next, see how not to lose quality in Instagram posts:

1. Access your Instagram profile

Open the Instagram app on your Android or iPhone cell phone and tap on your profile photo, at the bottom right of the canvas.

Image capture of the Instagram application indicates how to access the user profile

2. Access the Instagram menu

Tap on the Instagram menu, icon with three horizontal cliffs on the top edge directly. Next, select the “Settings and Privacy” option to continue.

Image captures of the Instagram application indicate how to access the main menu in the Settings and Privacy area

3. Tap “Use of data and media quality”

Scroll down the app screen to find the “Your app and your media” section and tap the “Use of data and media quality” option.

Image captures of the Instagram application indicate how to access the section "Use of data and media quality"

4. Activate the option “Carregar em alta qualidade

In the “Media Cargo Quality” area, activate the “Cargo in high quality” option.

Image captures of the Instagram application show how to activate the "Upload in high quality" option

Why do photos lose quality on Instagram?

Instagram uses a compression algorithm to reduce the size of images more than 1,080 pixels long and 1,350 pixels high. Isso allows files to load faster and take up less space on social network servers.

Here it is worth mentioning that the image format of Stories is 1,080 by 1,920 pixels. Likewise, when the “Load in high quality” feature is disabled, the platform automatically reduces the size of the media to adapt to its own parameters.

For these reasons, Instagram photos and videos usually have poor quality after publication. In some cases, we may gain a blurred or slightly pixelated appearance due to compression.

Placing music on Instagram Stories does it make you lose quality?

Sim. Posting a story with music or various media, such as GIFs and avatars, affects image quality. If the option “Upload in high quality” is disabled, Instagram will reduce the resolution of the photo or video with many elements to prioritize the speed of the upload.

Do you lose quality by posting on Instagram using the mobile network?

Instagram posts made with 4G or 5G networks will not lose quality if the “Load with high quality” option is activated and the “Save data” option is deactivated. Otherwise, Instagram will try to compress even more files to adapt to the cell phone network and not consume so much of the packet of mobile data, which impacts the quality of the publications.

Does using Stories filters harm the quality of Instagram photos and videos?

Sim. The Instagram Stories filters that drastically change cores and can interfere with the quality of the media after publication. Something similar can happen with photos and videos with excessive editing, just as the alterations have been made outside the social network.

Can you check the quality of the photos and videos on Instagram Reels?

The resource “Upload in high quality” is valid for the quality of Instagram Reels. However, it is possible to activate or deactivate the options in the “Advanced Settings” on the screen before sharing a reel.

How not to lose quality in photos and videos published on Instagram

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