How to edit a reel that has already been posted on Instagram

It is possible to edit various details of a reel after publication (Image: Vitor Padua/Tecnoblog)

Editing a reel that has been posted on Instagram is a process to make changes to the publication that has already been shared and is visible to other users. The Meta social network allows you to adjust the reel layer, legend, markings and location.

More complex edits on the reel, such as the video or audio content used, cannot be altered if the reel is published.

Next, see how to edit or reel already posted on Instagram:

How to edit your reel legend layer after posting on Instagram

1. Tap on your Instagram profile and open Reels

Open the Instagram app on your Android or iPhone cell phone and tap your profile photo, right on the bottom edge of the screen. Next, tap on the Reels button, the central icon at the top of the main profile level.

Prints of the Instagram application show how to access Reels in the user profile

2. Find or reel what you want to edit

Scroll down to find the reel you want to edit and tap on it to open.

Printing the Instagram application shows you opening Reels

3. Touch the three points on the bottom edge directly

Touch the three points, on the bottom edge directly on the canvas, to open the reel options menu.

Prints of the Instagram application show how to access the Reel options

4. Select “Manage” to open the reel options

Tap the “Manage” option to view more reel resources.

Prints of the Instagram application show how to access the Reel options

5. Tap “Edit” in the Reels menu

Tap “Edit” to continue. On this fabric, you can edit the layer, the legend, the markings, the location of the reel. You can also “Edit Partnership Label” and use “Advanced Settings” to add automatic legends.

Prints of the Instagram application show how to access the editing option of a Reel

6. Tap the reel layer to change

Touch the reel layer, on the top left side of the fabric, to access the option to change the highlight image of the publication.

Print of the Instagram application shows how to change the layer of a reel

7. Select a frame from the video or some image from the gallery

Select two reel frames or touch the blue “Add camera roll” button, at the bottom of the screen, to select an image from your cell phone gallery to be on the reel layer.

Prints of the Instagram application show how to select the image of the Reel layer

8. Tap “Finish” to complete the reel layer change

Tap the blue “Finish” button to finish changing the photo from the reel layer. Next, tap the blue check icon (✓) to finish editing the post.

Prints of the Instagram application show how to change the image of the Reel layer

Can you edit Instagram Reels on PC?

The web version of Instagram allows you to edit the legend, location and markings of a published reel. It seems possible to create a reel with a PC, as editing tools for Instagram reels are more limited than the mobile version.

Or does Instagram allow you to post Reels on PC?

Sim. Videos of até 15 minutes published on the web version of Instagram become reels. Meanwhile, non-browser editing options are more limited. For example, it is not possible to add audio or music to the social network bank.

Can I add more images or videos to a reel that was posted on Instagram?

It is not possible to edit the reel to insert or remove images and videos after they are published. The suggestion is to turn off the Instagram post, edit the content with the necessary alterations and publish the updated video.

Can I change reel music after it was posted on Instagram?

You cannot alter the music or audio of the reel after it is published on the social network. A solution is to download the reel on Instagram and then publish it again with new music.

How to edit a reel that has already been posted on Instagram

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