How to post a photo or video on Instagram Feed

Check step by step to publish a photo or a video on Instagram Feed (Image: Vitor Pádua/Tecnoblog)

Posting on Instagram Feed is the most traditional way to post a photo or video on the social network. The content sent to the Feed appears as an update to your followers and is displayed in your profile grade.

Instagram editing tools are different for Feed posts. You have access to platform-specific filters, such as the new Wide Angle and Wavy, as well as the traditional X-Pro II, Sierra, Hefe, among others.

It should also be noted that 15-minute videos published individually in the Feed are not edited as Reels.

Next, see step by step how to post photos and videos on the Instagram Feed.

1. Open the Instagram app and tap on “+”

Open the Instagram app on your Android or iOS cell phone and tap the “+” icon in the center of the bottom part of the screen.

Screenshot of the Instagram application shows how to access the publish button

2. Select the “Publication” option

Tap the “Publication” option to make a post to the Instagram Feed.

Screenshot of the Instagram application shows how to select the "Publicação" option

3. Check the gallery media or use the Instagram camera

Tap on top of the photo or video except in your cell phone gallery to post to Feed. You can also select several photos and videos to create a single post. Next, touch “Advance” on the top edge directly on the fabric.

Another option is to touch the camera icon, on the right side, to use the phone camera to record an image.

Screenshots of the Instagram application show how to select a photo or video to publish in the Feed

4. Edit a photo or video with Instagram tools

Touch the “Edit” button, on the bottom left corner, to adjust brightness, contrast and other details of the photo. You can also apply the Instagram filters and the Lux feature (basket icon at the top of the fabric) to modify the image. Then, touch the blue “Advance” button, on the top edge right.

Screenshots of the Instagram application show how to edit a photo to publish in Feed

The individual videos appear on reels when their duration is 15 minutes. You will see other editing tools, such as editing the tempo and adding texts, GIFs, audio, voice overlays and other elements. Next, touch the “Advance” button on the bottom edge directly.

Screenshots of the Instagram application show how to edit a video to publish in Feed

5. Add legend and bookmarks before posting in Feed

In the “New Publication” section, you can save the legend, add location and mark something on Instagram before posting a photo or video on the Feed. In this area, you can also find the options to add music and make collabs on Instagram.

Screenshots of the Instagram application show the options available in the "New Publication" area

6. Define who can see your photo or video in Feed

Tap on “Public” to choose which people can view your photo or video in the Instagram Feed:

  • All: All of your followers can see your post on the social network. If on an open Instagram, all the people with no followers who visit the profile will also be able to see the content;
  • Close friends: As soon as people from the list of Nearby Friends can see the published content in the Feed and in the level of the profile.

After touching the blue “Finish” button, at the bottom of the fabric.

Screenshots of the Instagram application show how to find the public to share a post

It is also possible to publish on Facebook and Instagram at the same time and activate the “Share on Facebook” option at the end of the “New publication” section. This resource is disabled if you choose to send a photo or video only to Close Friends.

7. Tap “Share” to post to Instagram Feed

Tap the blue “Share” button at the bottom of the screen to complete editing and post a photo or video. Now, the content will be displayed on the Feed of your followers on Instagram – or on the Nearby Friends list, depending on the selected audience – and will be able to be seen on the main level of your profile on the social network.

Screenshots of the Instagram application show how to share a post in the Feed

Are there more ways to post on Instagram Feed?

Sim. You can post on Instagram on PC and use the settings options and insert filters identical to the mobile app. Other possibilities are to transform the story in the Feed post and add the Reels videos to the main level of your profile.

Or does Instagram want to save a post from the Feed to publish later?

Sim. Instagram allows you to save an unpublished photo or video as scratches. You can return at another time and edit the publication without losing any changes made previously.

Users with professional accounts have the option to schedule a post on Instagram. This option is available in “Advanced Settings” in the “New Publication” section and allows you to schedule data and publication times for up to 75 days.

What can I post on Instagram Feed?

You can publish photos and videos on the Instagram Feed, since the content does not violate the Community Directorates of Instagram. The most common types of posts include images about the user's routine, motivational phrases and advertising material from companies and breeders in two more diverse sectors.

The platform offers various tools to enrich the post, such as adding filters and placing music on the Instagram photo. Another interesting resource is creating a banner on Instagram to alert your followers about an advertisement, for example.

Is it possible to insert alternative text in the photos of the Instagram Feed?

The alternative text is an accessibility resource that reduces images for users with visual deficiencies. Before publishing a post on Instagram, go to the “Advanced Settings” option, scroll down to the “Acessibility” section and tap “Screen Alternative Text”. After opening the description, tap “Conclude”, not directly above.

Screenshots of the Instagram application show how to insert alternative text in social network posts

How many photos can you post on Instagram Feed?

The social network contains a sequence of 10 photos and/or videos in the same post. You can post several photos at once with the Instagram carrossel.

What is the character limit in the Instagram Feed post legend?

Instagram allows you to have 2,200 characters in the legend of photos and videos in the Feed. An alternative to prolong the message and save the rest of the comments and fix the comment on the Instagram post. Assim, mais pessoas conseguem lerdo todo o que você tem a teller.

Can I edit posts already published on Instagram?

Sim. To edit a post on Instagram, access the post and touch the three-point icon at the top right of the photo or video. Then, select the “Edit” option.

Instagram only allows you to change the legend, the markings, the location and the alternative text of the publication.

Screenshots of the Instagram application show how to edit posts published on the social network

How to replace a photo already posted on Instagram?

No. You cannot substitute or rearrange the order of the image cart in a post published in the Feed. You have alternatives to save Instagram posts or turn off Instagram photos and videos and, then, publish a new content in a way that you like on the social network.

How to post a photo or video on Instagram Feed

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