This is how the contract to reform Ciudad del Fútbol was rigged: “I’ll look for another offer for you” | Soccer | Sports


The awarding of works at the headquarters of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) for 1.3 million euros to the construction company Gruconsa, where a brother of the director of the federative legal services, Pedro González Segura, works, was allegedly rigged, according to a report from the Central Operations Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard that analyzes part of the telephone interventions of those involved. The rigging consisted of preparing two fictitious budgets allegedly by two workers from the construction company: Ángel González Segura, brother of the federation director, and José Antonio Carranza San Pedro. The two false proposals had to be more expensive than Gruconsa’s for it to receive the contract. The report has been incorporated into the summary opened by the head of the Court of First Instance and Instruction 4 of Majadahonda (Madrid), Delia Rodrigo, to investigate alleged irregularities in federation contracts – most of them during the presidency of Luis Rubiales (2018- 2023)― and in which those involved are charged with alleged crimes of business corruption, unfair administration, money laundering and membership in a criminal organization.

These two employees of the construction company, which is also under scrutiny by investigators for the awarding of the contract for the remodeling of the La Cartuja stadium in Seville in 2020, allegedly acted with the consent of José Javier Jiménez, alias Jot, director of human resources of the RFEF and arrested on March 20 as part of Operation Brodie. Ángel González assures Carranza in a telephone conversation that he has spoken with Jota and that they have to organize the work since they need two other budgets for the alleged rigging of the contract.

“Gruconsa, with the connivance of RFEF personnel, is going to create two fictitious budgets to award the works. Likewise, it appears that it would not be the first time that they have carried out this operation since Ángel clearly tells Carranza that the budgets are not from companies that they have already used before,” the investigators reflect in the police report, after intercepting several calls. between both employees of the construction company on February 20, 2024. “This is very easy, we are going to make a standard offer, similar to the summary we have, but it must be written very well because we are going to present three offers, ours and two more “, explains Ángel González Segura to Carranza.

In another fragment of the intercepted conversation, the brother of the federation director insists to his interlocutor: “We have to write it very well for the other two companies. You will have to find one for me and the other I will tell Paco (Francisco Oliva, CEO of Gruconsa and also arrested), to find for me, with full, complete trust and that we have not repeated with them. We have to see the other two that we delivered at the time.” “No problem, I’ll look for another one,” Carranza responds.

Afterwards, the conversation continues around the prices to be set. “So, one will be at 2,600,000, 2,700,000 (euros) and the other at 2,300,000,” Ángel González Segura tells Carranza. The report states that hours later the two Gruconsa employees contacted each other again and decided to raise the false estimates to further favor their company’s offer, which was finally awarded for 1,300,000 euros. The investigators conclude that Carranza used the name of the ASACE company to manufacture his skirt offering and Ángel González Segura that of CADOR, which is a division of the Gruconsa business conglomerate. This award was made under the mandate of Pedro Rocha as president of the managing commission that governs the day-to-day running of the federation since the departure of Rubiales, last September, and from which Rocha has already resigned in order to be able to stand for the elections of the Next May 6th.

The federation assures that, although its economic commission awarded the work to Gruconsa, no contract was signed and that the works were never started. One of the members of the aforementioned commission assures this newspaper that months before a question had been raised about whether there was incompatibility to award works to the construction company where the brother of the director of legal services worked and the answer was negative because neither Pedro nor Ángel González Segura were directors of the federation and Grunconsa, respectively. This same source assures that the first one became angry because of the question asked. In fact, having made the consultation it can be deduced that it was vox populi in the federation the relationship between Gruconsa and Pedro González Segura. However, Rocha only cut off the relationship with the construction company, once again, when the scandal broke out.

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