The generous naturalness of Ricky Rubio | Basketball | Sports


We can now celebrate Ricky Rubio's return to the courts as a reality. Whichever way you look at it, we are facing great news. For Spanish sport, which recovers one of its main references. For the selection, whose hierarchy is unquestionable. And for Barcelona, ​​embarked this season on a reconstruction in which the national product wants to prevail. Nobody better than Ricky to support the Barça project. But in this case, and this is what makes him truly special, the beneficial effects of his return are not only limited to the sporting universe.

The famous athlete is usually asked, and sometimes even demanded, that in addition to his professional alacrity, he shows exemplary character in everything he does and says on and off the field in which he competes. In a world where positive references are not abundant, virtues, values ​​and behaviors are hung on the figure of the athlete to excessive extremes. We ask them to be excellent athletes, expert talk show experts, specialists in national and international politics, knowledgeable not only in enigmas, but also equipped with solutions, whether the problem is defeating a rival or solving the climate crisis.

Faced with such a requirement, surprises and disappointments are common when the aforementioned does not reach the imagined perfection. Be that as it may, the impact that the actions, ideas and opinions of sports stars have on this society is indisputable. Let them tell Rafa Nadal, who is experiencing the most delicate moment of his career and the reason is neither Roger Federer nor Novak Djokovic, but an unnecessary garden in which he has gotten himself and from which it will be difficult for him. go out.

But back to Ricky. Since his problems became public last August, when he left the national team camp, his name and his story are already associated with mental health. He is neither the first nor will he be the last. But the good thing in this case is that it does not seem that there could be a better character to rise to the occasion in the double task of making visible and raising awareness of a transversal problem, from which no one is safe and from which until very recently It was only treated with incomprehension or directly with concealment.

In his official presentation as a Barcelona player, Ricky was able to speak and reflect naturally, showing sincere emotions and seemingly simple reflections, but which carried with them an enormous vital burden. In this way he managed, once again, to normalize his situation, to talk about it with the naturalness with which we do when it comes to other, less “damned” problems. Ricky tells the whole world what has happened to him these past few months, what is happening to him and what he hopes will happen to him in the future. And he makes it available to everyone. Of those who suffer from it, to whom his experience can serve and also so that we all understand much better what a mental illness means. Something that not even those whom we invest almost as gods are free from suffering.

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