Paz Padilla's confession about why it is difficult for her to have sex with strangers


Although there is still more than a month until it sees the light, as it will be published on April 3, Paz Padilla He is already promoting his new book on his networks Mother!, a moving story about the love and dedication of mothers to their children, and the refuge that they represent for us even though they are no longer by our side. The work is written with a lot of feeling, but also with large doses of humor. Like those who Peace prints every time he remembers his mother.

This time she did it on her networks to tell how she influenced her when it came to having relationships with men. Thus, the comedian explained in a 'stories' on her Instagram account: “Even if we don't realize it, we have learned many things that we carry in our subconscious that are not ours. The other day, talking to a friend, I told her: ' Daughter, it's very difficult for me to go with a man if I don't know him, and that comes from my mother.”

He then admits with a laugh: “I remember that one day while watching TV, my mother told me: 'Oh, what a sight to see the youth of today, who are unknown, and boom, boom, boom, they're already going to bed and They go to bed', and of course, I told her: 'Mom, let's see, you got married pregnant!', and she tells me: 'But going to bed, what is going to bed, I didn't go to bed, I did it in a ladder!'”.

The one who was the presenter of Save me He recovered his hope in love with the Civil Guard and photographer, Fran Medina. The biggest blow of her life came in June 2021 with the death of her husband, Antonio Vidal, at age 53 from a brain tumor. through the book The humor of my life and the play based on it, spoke about her husband's illness and grief from her particular point of view.

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