The Disciplinary Committee orders the partial closure of the Getafe stadium due to racist insults to Marcos Acuña | Soccer | Sports


The Disciplinary Committee has made official the sanctions for the events that occurred last Saturday at the Coliseum stadium in Getafe. During the match between Getafe and Sevilla, on matchday 30, coach Quique Sánchez Flores and player Marcos Acuña received racist insults. The body dependent on the Spanish Federation has decreed the partial closure of the Getafe field, specifically, the area where the insults that Acuña received came from, since these are the facts that the committee judges when they are verified in the minutes by the referee. Javier Iglesias Villanueva. “In the 68th minute, I had to stop the match because there were racist insults on the visiting team’s number 19 with words like “Acuña mono” and “Acuña, you come from the monkey” from fans located in the central area of ​​the field behind of the position of my assistant referee number 2. This incident, following the protocol of action in these cases, was announced over the public address system, with the game not resuming until two and a half minutes later. They did not occur on any other occasion during the match,” Iglesias Villanueva wrote in the crash report, where the insults received by Quique Sánchez Flores do not appear.

“To this end, in the next three matches to be played by Getafe CF, SAD in its sports facilities, access to the public in said area must be closed, which will be duly delimited, and spectators who, if applicable, cannot be relocated. , could be occupying them on a regular basis. Furthermore, during the celebration of the matches covered by the sanction of partial closure, the closed area must display a visible message condemning racist, xenophobic and intolerant acts and violent behavior in football and supporting fair play,” the statement reads. issued by the Disciplinary Committee. At the same time, the body decrees a fine of 27,000 euros to the Madrid team for the commission of very serious infractions classified in articles 69.1.c), 69.2.d) and 76.2, sections b) and d), both of the Disciplinary Code of the RFEF. Discipline asks Getafe to “identify the structure of the stands of the sports venue in order to determine the area of ​​the stadium subject to closure which, according to the arbitration report, would affect the sector located in the central area of ​​the field behind the referee’s position assistant #2″.

At the same time and during several phases of the match, Sevilla coach Quique Sánchez Flores received the insult of “gypsy” from several fans located behind his bench. The Sevilla delegate, Juan Martagón, reported them and LaLiga reported them to the Competition and Anti-Violence Committee itself. These insults do not appear in the arbitration report, so Discipline has not acted at the moment. Quique himself denounced as “aberrant” that he was insulted for having gypsy blood in his veins. Sevilla also made public the insults received by its coach and its player. Quique was repeatedly insulted despite the fact that the security services and the police intervened to make him stop.

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