Cheikh Sarr, suspended for two games for confronting fans who used racist insults at him | Soccer | Sports


Last Saturday, it was the 50th minute of the match between Sestao and Rayo Majadahonda, of Primera RFEF, and the visiting goalkeeper, Cheikh Sarr, who had just received the 2-1 score, left the area and went to the foot of the stands. to confront some fans who were shouting xenophobic insults at him, to the point that they grabbed him by the scarf. “You’re a fucking monkey” and “you fucking black shit” were several of the aberrations that were shouted at him and the goalkeeper, of Senegalese origin, said enough. On the field, the referee did not hesitate to give him the red card, so his teammates, as a gesture of solidarity, decided to leave the field of their own free will, so the duel was suspended. In the offices, the sanction has been worse.

The Disciplinary Committee has decided to sanction Sarr with two matches, while at the same time Rayo Majadahonda has lost the match (3-0) and, in addition, has sanctioned it with three points in the classification. Sestao River, for its part, has been notified that it will receive a fine of 6,001 euros and a ban of two games behind closed doors. “It seems like an unfair sanction to me. He seems to be guilty of everything and, although they have reduced his sanction because they were talking about between four and eight games, it seems that Cheikh is guilty. The sanction to Sestao? “They haven’t gotten very wet,” said Jorge Casado, captain of Rayo Majadahonda, into the microphones of the BE; “It seems that the offender gets away with it. We lost the game 3-0 and on top of that our goalkeeper for two games. Well, nothing, let them continue until it happens again to another team or in another category, let’s see if they do something to combat this.” Sarr also spoke at a press conference at the beginning of this week: “If I receive a sanction, it will surprise me, it would be unfair.”

Sestao, on the other hand, assured that beyond the racist insults of some of its fans, there were no racist chants. “We ask for the presumption of innocence and that veiled accusations that have not yet been proven by justice not be raised. At no time during the football match were there any racist chants towards any of the protagonists. The proof is that in the minutes of the match, both the arbitration and the Ertzaintza, nothing is reflected in this regard, nor through the television images,” he said in the statement.

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