The 7 most popular cooking blogs of the moment

woman cooking
woman cooking

Where do you go when you need inspiration for your weekly meal plan? Some browse through their favorite cookbook, but others turn to their favorite food blogs in search of delicious recipes, beautiful photographs and a boost of motivation to put dinner on the table.

You may already have your old favorites, but if you’re looking for something fresh and new, we think you’ll love the 7 most popular cooking blogs that you must follow.

The foodie

the foodist blog

What I liked the most

  • Great reach and popularity in the world of cooking.
  • Made by professionals from the newspaper El País.
  • Complete recipes with history, images, ingredients and videos.

What I would change

  • The content is not updated daily.

One of the cooking blogs in Spain with the most reach among Internet users and, in addition, One of the most popular is El Comidista.

El Comidista is part of the newspaper El País in Spain, something that guarantees to be made by professionals and boy does it show. It is a perfect place where Each recipe is accompanied by everything you need to live the best experience.

If you are looking for a complete website with the best recipes from Spain, El Comidista is your best option. Each recipe is accompanied by its story with captivating text, images, ingredients and even a video so you don’t fail in the preparation.

El Comidista, a cooking blog, has achieved rapid positioning in the main search engines thanks to its association with the renowned graphic and digital media El País since 2015.

This strategic alliance has provided greater visibility and reach to the blog’s content, which has contributed to its popularity and growth.

If you are looking surprise someone with an exquisite meal or you want to prepare the perfect drink for a special moment, El Comidista is the ideal place to find the best recommendations. With a wide variety of recipes and tips, the blog offers options for all types of occasions and gastronomic preferences.

Quality and excellence

Quality and excellence are hallmarks of El Comidista, since they strive to provide high-level content that stands out for its attention to detail.

The recipes presented on the blog are meticulously selected, tested and attractively presented, making cooking a pleasant and successful experience.

Furthermore, the diversity of content and the ability to adapt to current trends They make El Comidista a reliable and updated source in the world of gastronomy.

Javi recipes

javi blog recipes

What I liked the most

  • Direct and blunt content.
  • Variety of recipes from different cuisines around the world.
  • Spectacular visual presentations thanks to the passion for photography.

It is important to mention that Javi’s blog is very forceful. What do we mean by this? In Javi recipes you will get straight to the point. It has an intuitive site where you can see the different delicacies that the chef suggests to us.

This chef from Cádiz, Javi, has dedicated himself to publishing his recipes on this blog since 2008. Then he had a growing popularity due to its inclusion in Hola magazine; something that gave it enormous visibility.

However, it is important to mention that the Javi Recipes website has recipes that are delicious and very varied, not only the cuisine of Spain, but also of all places on the planet.

One of the pluses that you will find on this site is that Javi, in addition to being an excellent chef, is a lover of photography, so he himself He will leave us presentations with images that are truly spectacular.

If you are looking for a Spanish cooking blog that is validated and trustworthy, Javi Recetas can surely help you.

It is one of the best blogs you can visit right now if you want to have access to quality posts with images and hundreds of details that are covered in each recipe.

Bucket speed

spoon speed blog

What I liked the most

  • Constant updating with the latest technologies and trends.
  • Specialized in recipes with Thermomix, popular among users.
  • Organization by ingredients for quick and easy searching.
  • Includes recipes without Thermomix for greater variety.

What would improve

  • Update content more often.

Perhaps it is one of the most complete blogs that is updated with the various technologies that appear. That is why, currently, Her blog has classic recipes but also some fascinating podcasts.

One of the main characteristics that has brought this site to stardom is that most of its recipes are designed to be made with the famous Thermomix.


If you are looking for a particular recipe or want to innovate with an ingredient, the website is developed in a unique way.

Speed ​​Spoon has recipes separated by ingredients which will allow you to find that recipe you were looking for in just a few clicks.

Lastly, let me tell you that if you want recipes that do not use the popular Thermomix In Speed ​​Spoon you will also find a section for this.

There is no doubt that Velocity Spoon is one of the most wonderful recipe sites on the web. It is designed in an impressive way with different dynamic filters that make the user experience their favorite site.

Also, let me tell you that you can search for your recipes by preparation time!

I’m a cook

blog I'm a cook

What I liked the most

  • Abundant content and delicious recipes without requiring much design.
  • Index organized by ingredients for easy searching.
  • Popularity on the web despite an austere site.

What would improve

  • Some posts can be expanded with more information.

In the middle of 2011, Damian, a computer-loving chef, decided to create his cooking blog. This, in a It started as a game to “break the vice” and ended up achieving notable popularity on the web..

With an austere website, the chef has shown that what is important is the content.

Yes, you don’t need many paraphernalia to propose a huge number of recipes and, best of all, one more delicious than the other.

The author of the blog I am made a Cocinillas has a simple design with an index separated by ingredients and another section with recipes. Only with that has it managed to amaze its thousands of daily visitors.


Despite having an austere website, the chef has shown that the most important thing is the content.

It does not require extravagant decorations to offer a wide variety of recipes, each one more delicious than the last.

The blog “I’m Made a Cocinillas” has a simple but effective design, with an index separated by ingredients and another section dedicated to recipes. Surprisingly, with this simple structure it has managed to captivate thousands of daily visitors.

The blog’s strength lies in its focus on quality content. Damian shares his culinary knowledge in a clear and accessible way, providing detailed instructions and helpful tips for each recipe.

Her passion for cooking is reflected in each post, sparking the interest and inspiration of those who visit her site.

Plus, the simplicity of the design makes it easy to navigate and find specific recipes.. The ingredient-organized index allows users to quickly find options that fit their preferences or the ingredients available in their pantry.

The faithful cook

the faithful cook blog

What I liked the most

  • International recipes and reviews of restaurants in Spain.
  • Effective integration of videos on the website.
  • Wonderful and worth bookmarking.

What would improve

  • The image quality of some posts can be improved.

It is very noticeable when expertise such as culinary art is mixed with digital art. The thing is, the El Cocinero Fiel blog is a really wonderful site.

In this blog that has been “making noise” on the Internet for many years you can find recipes from all over the world but, also, a tour of the restaurants and hotel-restaurants in different places in Spain.

Furthermore, the creator of the blog knew how to perfectly merge the videos with each of the sections of the website. The Faithful Cook more than honors his name and, surely, It could be that site that you have at the top of your bookmarks.

Straight to the palate

blog straight to the palate

What I liked the most

  • Popular and with 13 years of notable visibility.
  • Wide variety of recipes, including gourmet and vegan options.
  • Section of restaurants with captivating and fun reviews.
  • Includes a shopping guide to cook like a professional chef.

What would improve

  • Some posts have become a little outdated and you should review the content as they can greatly improve the quality of the recipes.

One of the most popular and impressive blogs on the web is Directo Al Paladar. Plus, it’s hard not to be tempted to log in and see their recipes. since its name is quality of excellence and trust but, in addition, it has had notable visibility for 13 years.

If you are looking for the best and most varied recipes Directo al Paladar is your best alternative. The recipes range from those that are perfect for those with a sweet tooth to those that are vegan.

In addition, it has a section of restaurants that is truly fascinating since the author, With a fun and captivating pen he describes the best and worst restaurants in Spain.

Directo al Paladar has become a service that goes beyond a recipe blog, it also offers you a shopping guide in case you want to make your recipes like a professional chef.

Pleasure on the plate

blog pleasure on the plate

What I liked the most

  • It started in 2013 and stands out for its presented recipes and high-quality images.
  • It offers sophisticated and well-decorated dishes, with unique recipes.
  • The content includes detailed explanations of the set, although videos would be a plus.

What would improve

  • It is a blog that has evolved towards more modern recipes.

This website began its journey on the Internet a decade ago, yes, in 2013.

But how could you stand out among the number of recipe blogs that already abounded at that time? It was there when they found a niche that they really fell in love with and made the blog grow: Incredibly presented recipes and high quality images.

If you are looking for sophisticated and well decorated dishes at Placer al Plato there is a special recipe waiting for you.

Each of the recipes offered on this site has some edge that distinguishes them from the rest; however, It is important to mention that the decoration is explained in text, if it were accompanied by videos it would truly be a site of excellence.

Visiting a cooking blog can be an excellent idea for several reasons:

  • First of all, These blogs offer a wide variety of recipes that adapt to different tastes and dietary needs.. Whether you’re looking for healthy recipes, gourmet dishes, vegetarian options, or ideas for special occasions, a cooking blog has you covered.
  • Furthermore, these blogs They usually provide detailed instructions and practical tips for preparing dishes successfully.. Many include step-by-step photographs that make recipes easy to follow and guarantee appetizing results.
  • Another advantage is the possibility of discovering new culinary techniques, exotic ingredients or innovative flavor combinations. Cooking blogs are often a source of inspiration and creativity. to experiment in the kitchen and expand our gastronomic horizons.