7 best food blogs that you can't miss

couple tablet kitchen
couple tablet kitchen

Where do you go when you need inspiration for your weekly meal plan? Some browse through their favorite cookbook, but others turn to their favorite food blogs in search of delicious recipes, beautiful photographs and a boost of motivation to put dinner on the table.

You may already have your old favorites, but if you're looking for something fresh and new, we think you'll love these 7 gastronomic blogs that you must follow.

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Lactose-free recipes


What I liked the most

  • Delicious lactose-free recipes and varied.
  • Intuitive design for easy navigation.
  • Updated content every little time.

What would improve

  • Restriction on culinary options.
  • Dependence on a single author.

More and more people have become lactose intolerant, this has generated a series of restrictions on some recipes that had this ingredient.

However, there is a website that has become essential for those who want to enjoy Lactose Free Recipes that are totally delicious.

In Lactose Free Recipes you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes that are lactose free. Additionally, the website has an intuitive design that allows users to easily navigate and find that variant of dish that is an elixir for the palate.

On the other hand, all the recipes on this website are perfectly detailed, something that, a priori, allows them to be made very easily.

The success of this site has led its author, Juanjo Fernández, to launch a book that has been an absolute success in 2017: Desserts without lactose.


As is well known, it is impossible to think of a dessert without lactose. However, Both in the book and on the official website of this blog you can find some variants that are essential for people with lactose intolerance.

Each of the recipes that you will find on the website is accompanied by a step by step and an illustrative image of the dish. As if this were not enough, The author leaves alternative ingredients so that they can be adapted according to possibilities and needs..

Thanks to Lactose Free Recipes you can enjoy culinary art without restrictions and limitations.

Cooking among olive trees

blog cooking between oblivions

What I liked the most

  • Creative recipes and fascinating with olive oil.
  • Elegant design and easy navigation focused on olive oil.
  • The content is updated quite regularly.

What would improve

  • Limited focus has only recipes made with olive oil.

“Earth” products are especially delicious and this is the proposal of Cocinando entre Olivos, a website that encourages the use, in particular, of olive oil.

As expected, on the Cocinando entre Olivos website, recipes with olive oil are the predominant ones. However, by having a large number of recipes, You can find a huge number of recipes that are fascinating and extremely creative.

The creator of the blog, Ana María, has managed to design an elegant, sophisticated and easy-to-navigate site, where the main protagonist is olive oil. Besides, Each of the recipes has a photograph that makes our dish come to life.

Finally, it is important to highlight that the recipes are perfectly separated by categories, so that you can find the recipe you are looking for quickly. Cooking between Olivos offers its users advice and information regarding the use and application of olive oil.


This has turned this site into a platform that offers a comprehensive service for people who are lovers of this important and healthy ingredient.

Lola Kitchen

lola kitchen blog

What I liked the most

  • Mediterranean and traditional Spanish recipes in one place.
  • Using seasonal ingredients for tasty dishes.
  • Recipes in a clear, friendly and easy-to-access tone.

What would improve

  • Limitation in the variety of cuisines represented.

For many years, Mediterranean food has gained great importance throughout the world.

This has led people from different parts of the planet to want to experience these delicacies in their homes.

From this need, a blog was born that has a large audience: Lola Cocina.

If you want to experience a dish of Mediterranean food or the most traditional ones from Spain, you definitely have to visit Lola Cocina, the best Mediterranean recipe site on the web.


With a simple design where you can enjoy sweet and savory recipes, at Lola Cocina you can enjoy Mediterranean culinary art and traditional Spanish cuisine but with a more than interesting artist: With seasonal ingredients. The use of seasonal ingredients is not something minor since it is what ensures delight with a dish full of flavor.

In addition, Lola Cocina's blog is the perfect place for those people looking for “Grandma's recipes” are those homemade recipes of yesteryear that have been lost with the arrival of sophisticated dishes.

It is important to highlight that all the recipes are developed in a clear and friendly tone and, in addition, are easily accessible to all people. For both experienced chefs and cooking enthusiasts.

Carmina in the kitchen

carmina blog

What I liked the most

  • Native recipes with gastronomic knowledge and expertise.
  • Elegant and detailed design for a perfect experience.
  • Additional information on ingredients, techniques and olive oil.

What would improve

  • Limitation in culinary diversity beyond traditional cuisine.
  • There is no mention of the availability of lactose-free variants.

With extensive knowledge and expertise in gastronomy and particularly in Spanish culinary art, Carmina has created a blog of native recipes that is simply wonderful.

As soon as you enter the website you can perceive a unique elegance both in the design and in the images that illustrate each of the dishes.

In Carmina's blog in the Kitchen you can feel with the complete security that you will be able to reproduce those wonderful dishes perfectlysince each of them is perfectly detailed to live the best experience.

Each of the recipes that you will find on this blog are made with fresh seasonal ingredients and, also, with a practical approach to enhance traditional cuisine dishes.

Finally, it should be noted that on the blog you can find a lot of information regarding:

  • Ingredients.
  • Gastronomy techniques.
  • Olive oil.

This information added to the website generates greater knowledge for visitors, ensuring the quality of the dishes to be experienced.

With a couple of chillies

blog with a couple of chillies

What I liked the most

  • Delicious recipes presented in an entertaining and humorous way.
  • Attractive design with vibrant colors and photographs.

What would improve

  • Some recipes can be expanded a little more so that the reader can make them better.

If you are looking for a blog that teaches you delicious recipes but also does so in an entertaining and humorous way, then you should visit Con un par de Guindillas.

On the blog of Con un par de Guindillas you will find: Traditional recipes, experiments and, in addition, the best reviews of trendy restaurants.

In addition to that humorous touch, the website has a totally attractive design loaded with colors and photographs. The most important thing is that you will find a endless fully detailed recipes with the best tips to obtain the best dishes at home.

In a totally casual tone, the authors also share great anecdotes, reflections and stories about culinary art. which makes this blog a site that covers much more than gastronomy.

Recipes by Sofy León

sofi recipes blog

What I liked the most

  • Wide variety of traditional and tasty homemade recipes.
  • Simple, clean design with detailed instructions and photographs.

What would improve

  • The website interface can be improved so that user navigation is better.

If you are looking for a cooking blog that offers a wide variety of recipes, mainly traditional homemade ones, this is your place..

This blog created by Recipes by Sofy Leóna passionate cook and lover of good foodstands out for its focus on tasty and comforting dishes suitable for those who want to follow a healthy diet.

The blog layout is simple and clean, with recipes organized into easy-to-navigate categories. The recipes are presented clearly and in detail, with step-by-step instructions and photographs that illustrate the preparation process..

If you are looking for homemade recipes full of flavor and passion, Sofy León's Recipes is a blog that you cannot ignore.

Family Kitchen

family cooking blog

What I liked the most

  • Easy-to-prepare homemade recipes to share with family.
  • Variety of recipes that adapt to different tastes and needs.
  • Attractive designintuitive and with illustrative photographs of each dish.

What would improve

  • There is no mention of whether special options are included for specific dietary needs beyond vegan and gluten-free.

Among the best cooking blogs, Cocina Familiar is positioned, a website known for sharing with its followers recipes for homemade dishes, easy to prepare and designed especially to share with the family.

In this practical site created by amateur chef Javier Romero, you will find hundreds of recipes that adapt to all tastes and needs.

Among its posts you can find traditional dishes, vegan, vegan, gluten-free and much more, which makes Cocina Familiar on a useful page for those who want to perfect their culinary skills.

In addition, the site has an attractive and simple design and is intuitive enough for you to find your favorite dish in a matter of seconds.

In addition, We can also highlight that accompanying each title, we find a photograph of the finished dish. These simple images not only simplify the search but also help us decide on one recipe or another.

Entering the Family Kitchen blog, in addition to the culinary recipes presented in text form, We will be able to access video tutorials, gastronomic tips and cooking tips and tricks. If you still don't know this site, we invite you to visit it, you will surely love it.