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Just 11 months before he resigned, in September 2023, as president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales began to create a corporate network for the alleged “channeling of part of the funds” that he allegedly received illegally. irregularity of a construction company for the awarding of federation contracts. A report from the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard incorporated into the summary in which the former Spanish football leader is being investigated for the crimes of corruption in business, unfair administration and money laundering, details that this money was later allocated to different businesses related to tourism, such as the acquisition of two buildings in Granada to dedicate them to tourist apartments, the purchase of a stake in a company with which it operated three hotels in Spain or the investment of more than half a million euros in another with interests in the Dominican Republic. The police document indicates the alleged participation in the network of other directors of the federation, including Albert Luque, former director of the Spanish soccer team and accused, like Rubiales, in the case that is being followed in the National Court for the non-consensual kiss. to the soccer player Jennifer Hermoso.

The one baptized as Operation Brodie – for which Rubiales was arrested this Wednesday upon his arrival in Spain and later released – investigates the alleged irregularities in contracts created in the federation since Rubiales’ arrival to the presidency, in 2018. Some of them They are linked to the celebration of the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia, but there are also those related to events held in China and to some works at the La Cartuja stadium in Seville, which specifically involve the company Gruconsa. It is on the alleged bribes paid by this company that the Civil Guard focuses on in this report. According to the UCO document, the former president of the federation and the businessman and former soccer player Francisco Javier Martín Alcaide, Baby, they formed “a series of companies” to dispose of the funds allegedly received from the construction company, in some cases together with some directors of the RFEF, when the former still presided over this body. In another report from the Civil Guard, investigators point out that Gruconsa received 3,833,085.62 euros from the federation.

Thus, the agents detail that on October 10, 2022, one of the key companies in the plot, Dismatec – which appears in the name of Purificación Rufino, Nene’s wife, and through which the plot allegedly received funds from Gruconsa, 530,911 .92 euros, along with Inmomarluq, a company managed by Luque, acquired the company GRX Esport Pro. Just 11 days later, this last company carried out a capital increase and Rubiales himself and two others investigated in the case joined as partners. , the lawyer Tomás González Cueto and Pedro González Segura, legal advisor to the federation and whose brother Ángel is a director of Gruconsa. They were allegedly joined by Rubén Rivera, who was marketing director of the RFEF and who is also prosecuted in the case of the non-consensual kiss with Hermoso; José María Timón, member of Rubiales’ cabinet, and Antonio Gómez-Reino, director of institutional relations of the federation. According to the Civil Guard, a few days after the entry of the new partners, GRX Export Pro acquired two buildings (one of them for 725,000 euros) with a total of 19 apartments in the center of Granada with the purpose of “dedicating them to the tourist rental.”

In September 2023, when the scandal had already broken out over the non-consensual kiss of Hermoso, Rubiales and his partner Nene’s company Dismatec acquired the GRX shares from the rest of the partners, leaving both as 50% owners of it, although the The Civil Guard highlights that “there is no evidence that the payments corresponding to the purchases and sales of securities carried out have yet been made.” At the head of the company was Purificación Rufino, Nene’s wife, as sole administrator. Just one month later, the then former president of the federation formed a new company, Conecta 17 Consulting, together with his partner, his wife and two other people, although only a month later Rubiales was left with practically all of the shares. shares for 2,999 euros. Only Rufino remained as a partner, with one euro of capital, and she maintained the position of administrator.

It is this woman who, a few days later, and on behalf of Rubiales’s new company, acquires for 25,000 euros a stake in the company Explotaciones Hoteleras Nazaríes, owner of two hotels in Granada and one more in Torrox (Málaga) that They are run by Nene. In one of these hotels, inside two safes, the Civil Guard located nearly 320,000 euros in cash during the searches. During the investigation, the Civil Guard intercepted a call to Rubiales’ partner in which he detailed to his interlocutor that the former president of the federation was the owner of 20% of the shares in the hotel company, leaving the rest distributed among Nene himself – another 20%― and the company Dismatec ―the remaining 60%―, also under the control of the latter. The police document adds that the analysis of the bank accounts reveals that in January 2024, Rubiales began receiving amounts exceeding 4,000 euros per month from Explotaciones Hoteleras Nazaríes through his company Conecta 17 Consulting.

The UCO highlights that while he was carrying out all these corporate movements in Spain, Rubiales also made investments with his partner in the Dominican Republic, where the latter, according to several telephone conversations, had two hotels in operation in the Punta Cana area, in addition to to be in a real estate project to build 60 luxury apartments in the Caribbean country along with several directors of Gruconsa, the construction company benefited by the federation. For the latter, the company Almucana Inversiones SRL had been established. At this point, the police document highlights that on November 30 and December 12, 2023, the company Conecta 17 Consulting, owned by the former president of the RFEF, made transfers for a total of 567,500 euros to a company in Nene registered in the Dominican Republic with the same name. In a telephone conversation intercepted with Nene on March 1, just a few days before the arrests, he pointed out to his interlocutor that, after these investments, he had to give part of his stake to Rubiales.

The police document adds that the international businesses shared by the former president of the federation and his partner were not limited to the Caribbean country and that the latter also spoke of “another possible investment in Saudi Arabia that could be related to the (construction company) project. Gruconsa in that country.” In this case, another report included in the summary highlights that this project would be the construction of a football stadium, a sports city and, at least, a hotel on a 400,000 square meter plot of land in this country together with local authorities and other businessmen. . The document points out that although Rubiales was the one who had the first knowledge of the Saudi plans through the Saudi football federation, his and Nene’s role would be minor, although despite this they would also receive part of the benefits. . “These two artists are the ones who paint the least,” he is heard saying in an intercepted conversation with the brothers Ángel and Pedro González Segura, director of Gruconsa and legal advisor of the federation respectively. “If this comes out, there is money for everyone,” concludes the first.

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