Carlos Herrera launches his candidacy for the presidency of the RFEF: “I will not let you down, I come to clean and regenerate” | Soccer | Sports


The journalist Carlos Herrera confirmed this Thursday that he will stand in the elections for the presidency of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), which will take place on May 6. “I am going to show up to clean up, to regenerate, so that the future of football is in the news for its successes and not for the shenanigans. My intention is to create a transparency and good governance commission as soon as I arrive at the RFEF to dust off all the pending issues,” the communicator said in his program. Herrera at COPE.

Herrera thus confirms what he already said last October and repeated in February, that he would run for the presidency of the highest body of Spanish football. He does so the day after Pedro Rocha resigned as president of the managing committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and called elections for the presidency. The winner of these elections, designed to exhaust Luis Rubiales’ mandate, must call a new electoral process with a new assembly after the Paris Games for the 2024-2028 Olympic cycle. The new president of the managing committee is Rafael del Amo, who will preside over next Saturday’s Copa del Rey final between Athletic Bilbao and Real Mallorca.

The electoral call will be made official tomorrow, Friday, April 5, and published on Saturday, April 6. Starting on Sunday the 7th there will be a period of five calendar days for the presentation of candidacies, each of which must have a minimum of 21 endorsements. Next, two days will be established for possible appeals before the TAD, once resolved which the candidacies will be final. Pedro Rocha, barring any surprise, will present his candidacy in these first elections and will have as his rival Silvia Parera, daughter of former Barcelona director Antón Parera, as well as Carlos Herrera.

“I’ve thought about it a lot, I’ve asked myself if it was worth it or not. I have to confess with my heart in my hand that I believe so. That is, I’m going to introduce myself. To clean, to regenerate, so that Spanish football becomes news for its successes and not for the shenanigans. My intention is to create a transparency and good governance commission as soon as I arrive to dust off all the pending dark issues. Because if you don’t do it, with the passage of time, those matters will become yours. I ask the assembly members for their guarantees, for their confidence in the certainty that I will not let them down,” Herrera assured this morning.

Miguel Galán, president of the Cenafe coaching school, already yesterday challenged the call for elections, considering that at least 42 assembly members of the 140 that make up the assembly must first be restored and that they would have lost their status as such. Galán will also challenge that the minimum quota for female representation is not met and a precautionary suspension to present endorsements. The managing commission had planned to have called the elections on March 22, but the search of the federation headquarters by members of the Central Operations Unit of the Civil Guard (UCO) and the arrests of federation leaders within the framework of Operation Brodie forced to postpone the start of the electoral process.

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