Pedro Rocha: The federation breaks with Gruconsa, the construction company where the brother of the director of the federative legal services works | Soccer | Sports


Given the investigation opened by Judge Delia Rodríguez for the granting of the renovation works of the Ciudad del Fútbol to the construction company Gruconsa, in which the brother of the director of the federation’s legal services, Pedro González Segura, works, the managing commission of the Spanish Football Federation chaired by Pedro Rocha has decided to paralyze any relationship with the aforementioned company. Rocha, who chairs the aforementioned management company, has ordered that the execution of the works, valued at 1,390,551 euros, be canceled. The federation also reports that the award had not yet materialized in any contract and that the works have not been carried out.

As explained by the federation, the infrastructure area submitted a report to the Economic Commission, dated February 22, 2024, with three budgets corresponding to as many companies, for carrying out the aforementioned work. According to sources close to the investigation, the two budgets that were bidding with Gruconsa’s could be fictitious. Of the three budgets presented, the most economical turned out to be that of Gruconsa. The report from the Head of Infrastructure, after referring to the technical aspects of the works, ended by proposing to the Economic Commission the selection of Gruconsa as the company to carry out the work.

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