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The negotiations between Kylian Mbappé and Real Madrid are being followed with extraordinary interest in the Paris Saint-Germain offices. And not out of curiosity. The footballer’s contract expires on June 30, but his departure from the club is not simply a clean break. Some details of the final settlement of the relationship are linked to the deal that the player ends up closing with Florentino Pérez. Mbappé committed to the president of PSG, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, to evaluate the payment of extra compensation to the club once he had signed with the Bernabéu club, according to sources familiar with the agreement, which also included the written resignation of 80 million gross euros that corresponded to him in premiums.

The wait takes place in a climate of suspicion and sustained tension, with occasional outbreaks, between PSG, the footballer and the environment that surrounds him.

Al-Khelaifi and Mbappé reached the compensation agreement last August as part of the peace negotiations after Mbappé informed the club by letter that he did not want to activate the clause that allowed him to extend his stay in Paris until June 2025. That He infuriated the Qatari leader: “We cannot let him leave for free, it is impossible,” he said.

Already in private, he reminded the player of the content of their conversations in the spring of 2022, when Mbappé abruptly veered and left Madrid jilted. In particular, he updated him on a detail that was not included in the papers, but which, according to sources familiar with the conditions, was decisive for the Qatari to commit to paying him a salary of 75 million euros gross per year, complemented by bonuses higher than the salary. . They agreed that when he left PSG he would cause the club to receive compensation that would be around 150 million euros. This is how the accounts worked out for PSG.

Hence Al-Khelaifi’s anger when he received the letter that proposed the scenario of leaving for free. The manager gave him three options: renew, be transferred or spend the season away from the team without even training. He put the footballer on the market and accepted an offer of 300 million euros from Saudi Al-Hilal, but the player rejected the move. He wanted to stay in Paris until the end of the season and emigrate.

After that rejection, Al-Khelaifi left him out of the team’s Asian tour. He remained in France training with the “expendable” footballers. As the start of the season approached, Mbappé was still sidelined. He did not appear in the squad for the first league match, at home against Lorient, but he did go to the Parc des Princes, where he went to the president’s office before the match. From that conversation, peace came.

Al-Khelaifi allowed the player to return to first-team discipline when he agreed to compensate by leaving. He ended up signing a document by which he waived bonuses worth 80 million euros and told the president that, depending on the size of the agreement he ended up closing with Madrid, he could add an additional amount to that amount he was giving up.

That point of the peace agreement would only be activated when the footballer signed with his new club. Hence PSG’s interest in the development of the negotiations, about which they obtain information through Luis Campos, the manager they hired in 2022 to manage the player. The Portuguese has been a fundamental piece in Mbappé’s career since they met at Monaco. Months before joining PSG, during the negotiations that year that were on the verge of depositing him at the Bernabéu, Campos served at times as a link between Mbappé and Madrid.

The information that the footballer is sending these days to the leadership of what is still his club is that he has not yet reached or signed an agreement with Florentino Pérez, so the time has not come to evaluate the second part of the pact that allowed for peace. in August. Madrid sources agree with this story: they assure that they have not closed an agreement with Mbappé and they postpone the moment to June. They maintain that the footballer knows the general lines of the offer, similar to that of 2022 and that at that time it will be seen if he wants to play at the Bernabéu and if Madrid is interested in hiring him under the conditions he intends.

As the farewell process progresses, which seems to have been underway since he arrived in Paris seven seasons ago, Mbappé has been subjected to turbulence to which he was not accustomed. Luis Enrique replaced him in the last two league games, against Stade Rennais in the 65th and against Monaco at half-time. That day marked one of the sharpest peaks of tension in his long march. After going through the shower, he did something unusual and far from the customs of professional teams: with the match still underway, he left the PSG expedition and settled in the stands with his mother and agent, Fayza Lamari, a gesture that bothered to the club’s leadership.

After the match, Luis Enrique wanted to downplay the substitution: “Sooner or later we will play without Mbappé. We have to get used to that.” Club sources support that explanation. They assure that it has nothing to do with what happened in the summer, when Al-Khelaifi ordered him removed from the team, but rather that it is a decision made solely by the coach. According to these same sources, Al-Khelaifi values ​​Luis Enrique’s decision very positively, who explained to the footballer that he was not playing well, something that had not happened to him in recent years.

The Qatari tries to distance himself from the footballer. After Tuesday’s victory against Real Sociedad, he went down to the locker room to congratulate the group, underline the value of the group above individualities and point to the future by making them note that they were the youngest team in the Champions League round of 16.

The new balance is not received peacefully on the other side. The bowels of the Louis II stadium echoed last weekend with Fayza Lamari’s screams at a PSG executive, who tried to appease her. Mbappé is leaving, but he has not left yet, and part of the compensation he leaves still depends on how he leaves.

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