Álvaro Muñoz Escassi: “Today I spend my parties with María José”


Rider, businessman, model, born seducer and now dancer. What of Muñoz Escassi It could be a documentary on a digital platform and if it doesn’t, I don’t think it’s due to a lack of offers. Handsome from the cradle, the life of this 21st-century heartthrob today sounds like a story from the past since in 2021 he decided to unite his life with that of the model. Maria Jose Suarez and put an end to those who claimed that what they did was not going to last even a newscast. Well, it’s been three years without taking off and that at Escassi is more than a record.

Those years in which he even had his own reality television to find him a girlfriend and there was no one to convince him that love is a matter of two. Her rise to fame in the pink world began with Lara Dibildos, with whom she had her son Álvaro, and from there she continued to make headlines after her adventure between pool jumps with Sonia Ferrer, her friendship with Vicky Martín Berrocal, her relationship with the beautiful Patricia Martínez (today out of the spotlight) and even his wedding with the Venezuelan millionaire Raquel Bernal, which lasted as long as “two ice fish in a whiskey.” “on the rocks” that Sabina would sing. The big bombshell exploded in 2015, when it was learned that she had a secret daughter, the result of an even more secret relationship with a married woman who lived with her husband in Germany and that her own daughter discovered when she was of age. From that moment Anna Barrachina decided that she wanted to make up for lost time with her biological father and hence she moved to Spain to start a new life.

Although this would be a brief summary of Escassi’s history, the truth is that the handsome rider is currently experiencing one of the sweetest moments of his existence. With María José he is full of joy, with his children he melts and even with his ex Lara Dibildos he has managed to make a compact team to support and protect each other in everything that happens to them. Lara did it by sheltering Álvaro’s daughter when she settled in Madrid and today he is the one who takes care of Lara after losing her mother and experiencing a romantic breakup with Conde Pumpido’s son. Professionally, he can show off his chest given that TVE has finally announced that it will begin broadcasting the contest on Monday the 11th. dance as you can where he participates alongside other celebrities such as Fabiola Martínez, Ana Guerra, Jaime Astrain, Colate Vallejo Nágera, Maestro Joao, Sabrina Salerno and Lydia Lozano before a jury made up of Norma Duval, Beatriz Luengo, Rafa Méndez, and Yolanda Ramos. Most of them responded to Álvaro’s invitation to present his new business project with the launch of his DO Rioja wine ‘Famos’, which also has a label whose design was signed by his daughter Anna.

What he needed was to become a winemaker.

AME: I will tell you that it is a project that I have launched with some friends because we had always dreamed of the idea of ​​having our own wine, and we all love it. The original idea really came from someone close to him and as soon as he told me I decided to be by his side. It’s been 20 years of friendship and it was clear to me. It was also his idea that my daughter made the label with a painting of his and I will tell you that we are delighted with the result both inside and outside the bottle.

Who do you like to have a glass of wine with?

AME: I love having a glass of wine when I get home and I’m calm with María José. Before I start cooking I open a bottle.

Do you always have to cook?

AME: Well, María José sometimes does it too, but I enjoy it a lot.

Do you drink every day?

AME: Now that I’m dancing, no, but I usually have many lunches or dinners and I’m not the type to be.

Have you had to drink to forget?

AME: Never in my life. For me, wine is joy and it is always for a good reason.

They tell me that many of the contestants of dance as you can They have ended up injured. Is this your case?

AME: We are already recovering from injuries. I will tell you that I have lost between seven and eight kilos because you don’t see the exercise we do in the recordings, which are six days a week. Today, for example, I came from recording ten hours.

What dance does he break the cord with?

AME: What I’m good at is making potato omelette. I confess that dancing is not my strong point.

With María José when she dances?

AME: We danced a lot. The other night in a restaurant we ended up dancing when a group came out to sing. We both love it.

What’s your sense of rhythm?

AME: Fatal because I’ve never had it.

Who are you competing with on the show?

AME: I will tell you that the most curious thing about this contest is that those who really compete are professional dancers, not famous ones. They have double merit, because they not only have to dance well but also teach us a choreography according to our possibilities and get us to defend it on the dance floor. With each of us there is a different complexity and although at first you thought that the eliminations did not affect you, later it is quite the opposite. You try to give your best precisely for them.

In these programs there are even those who fall in love with their dance partner. There is the case of David Bustamente, who is still happily together with his former television dancer. Something has happened?

AME: You have to see that. This is the clue I give you.

And will there be a wedding with María José in the future?

AME: We are together and happy and no one was betting on us. Well, here we are still great, and looking forward to spending my life by your side.

Do you confirm that it is already withdrawn from the conquistador market?

AME: I retired a long time ago.

Do you miss those crazy years of flirting and debauchery?

AME: In my life I never miss anything nor would I give it back for a single day. Look, so you understand what I’m saying, in the program I have become close to Jaime Astrain, a gorgeous boy who is pretty in every way and who just turned 36 years old. Well, I see it and it seems phenomenal to me, but I am 50 and I don’t want to be 36. I have lived every year intensely and I reach this age with my homework very done and with the desire to live this time happily.

They say that parties that don’t happen when you’re young, happen when you’re older. I understand that is not your case.

AME: I go on my binges, but next to María José. The good thing we have is that we have a great time since we have been friends before dating and we enjoy the same things.

Today you value fidelity?

AME: Fidelity is very important, and I think you have to know how to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and think about things before doing them. I have recognized that in my life I have not been aware of the damage I could have done and that is something that I instill in my son today, since it had not been explained well to me. That is why I am extremely sorry for many things, because I believe that you should not hurt anyone and you should take care of your partner and avoid pain.

Well, how lucky María José has been to have him today with this maturity as a couple. Twenty years ago it would have been very different.

AME: Don’t think that we don’t have our fights, but what you tell me is what Lara also says (laughs).

What continues to surprise you about María José?

AME: I love being by his side. When he’s not there I want him to come and when he’s there I don’t want him to leave. I love sleeping and waking up next to her and how slow she is with everything. I am hyperactive and we make a good couple, since she calms me down and I speed her up.

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