Junko, folklore and businesswoman: Bernardo Pantoja’s widow wants to design and export gypsy costumes to Japan


Several sides clashed at the funeral of Bernardo Pantoja in November 2022, where all the family chaos in the Pantoja clan was staged once again. About a year and a half later, the situation is like this: the interpreter of sailor of lights has given an ultimatum to the Japanese dancer, ”Either buy or leave the apartment” in Seville where she lives, according to what Antonio Rossi announced a few weeks ago.

However, not everything stops there, since it has emerged that Junko is not with her hands stopped, but rather very excited about two projects: one “incipient” that she already has underway and another that is in her mind, but very well thought out.

“Junko has decided to design some t-shirts that are divine. Behind these t-shirts there is a very important person who helps Junko ensure that these t-shirts have national distribution.” This is the rider Antonio de la Puerta, as Mónika Vergara announced this Monday in Together, from Telemadrid. “He has a good godfather,” they highlighted. It must be remembered that de la Puerta was very interested in buying Cantora and is a person very close to the Pantoja clan.

Junko’s t-shirts, they explained, “are priced at 20 euros”: “It is an exclusive design, very Andalusian, from the land, very folkloric.” They highlighted that “it is not the only project she wants to do”: “she is also going to design gypsy costumes that she intends to transport to Japan.”

At the beginning of March, in We’ll see They updated Junko’s situation. Rossi said that Isabel Pantoja has made the decision to get rid of the apartment where the dancer currently lives, located in the Sevillian neighborhood of El Tardón. This apartment is owned by the artist and was initially acquired for Doña Ana, the singer’s mother.

”In that house, when his mother falls ill and leaves for Cantora permanently, Bernardo moves in with his partner, Junko. When Isabel decides that she has to sell everything, she talks so much with her brother Juan about her, who lives in another apartment in Seville, that she has agreed to leave without problems, and she talks to Junko. “She tells him that she has two options: either leave or buy it,” the journalist said.

”Now, officially, I don’t know if it will be today or tomorrow, you will be officially notified of the two options: either if you want to agree to the purchase or you have to leave the apartment, which belongs to Isabel Pantoja. An apartment in which, when Doña Ana and Bernardo die, all the heirs recognize before a notary that the apartment belonged to Isabel Pantoja (…) In other words, everything is well done,’ he explained.