How to make story on Instagram? 12 days to create creative stories

A girl posing in front of her cell phone and Instagram icon at the bottom
A girl posing in front of her cell phone and Instagram icon at the bottom
Said how to create stories that will attract new followers to your Instagram profile (Image: Vitor Pádua/Tecnoblog)

Creating a new story on Instagram is a way to publish photos or videos within 24 hours on the social network. Instagram Stories offers various editing tools to make creative stories: you can insert music, text, GIFs and other interactive figures to make the post more attractive.

Also, some tricks allow you to take better advantage of each function of Instagram Stories so that your posts are more engaging.

Neste tutorial, or Technoblog It shows how to create a story on Instagram from zero, and give tips to make it better with temporary posts on the social network.

How to create a story on Instagram

There are two ways to start creating a story from zero on Instagram: you can make a story from the Stories area (top of the app's home screen), or use the publication menu represented by the “+” icon (bottom). do app).

See step by step to create a new story to follow.

1. Faça login in your Instagram account

Open the Instagram app on your cell phone and, if you are not connected to your account, enter your credentials to enter the social network. Upon completion of login, you will be redirected to the home page of Instagram.

2. Tap the “+” button next to your profile photo

Tap the blue “+” button next to your profile photo with the “Seu Story” message on the top left corner of the Instagram home page.

Print the Instagram application explaining how to create a Story from the main fabric

3. Select prompt media or touch the “camera” to record the story

Select a photo or video from your cell phone gallery, or tap the “camera” to register a new image and create the story on Instagram.

Print the Instagram application explaining how to create a Story from the media of the cell phone or camera

4. Edit your story with text, music and more Instagram tools

Use the Instagram editing tools to add new details to the story. For example, touch the screen to save text, change the font size to the right color.

You will find options to add filters, music, GIFs and interactive figures at the top of the screen. Use creativity to make the story more attractive.

Print the Instagram application explaining how to use the non-cellular story editing tools

5. Choose to share your Instagram story

Touch the white button, bottom edge of the fabric, then edit or story. Choose between sharing options:

  • Seu story: Share the story with all your followers.
  • Close Friends: Share the story just with your list of best Instagram friends.
  • Message: allows you to send the publication by DM for someone.

Finish by tapping the blue “Share” button.

Printing the Instagram application shows how to lock the edit and share a story on your cell phone

How to make a creative story: 12 days to improve your publications

When creating a new story, you can use effects, music and other elements to make your photos and videos more interesting. O Instagram explains that as publications two Stories are only viewed mainly by their followers. Therefore, take advantage of the native resources of the social network to create a space for dialogue and become closer.

Next, we've put together some hidden tips and tricks to help you find the best results on Instagram Stories.

The stories with figures of interaction costumes generate more engagement between the followers of a story. Click on Instagram or insert a link in our stories for ways to encourage people to interact with the publication.

Editing tools to create a creative story on Instagram including plug-in figures, questions, tests and links

Use the test figure in our stories to take a quiz on a certain topic. For example, a profile on films and series can test the knowledge of followers about the career of a Hollywood actor or actress.

Opening a question box on Instagram is another way to interact with your followers. People can send questions about a topic related to their profile and they can transform their responses into new content.

2. Copy and upload images directly to Instagram Stories

You do not need to use the Instagram Layout to publish several photos in the same story. Simply copy and paste images directly from your cell phone's photo album.

  • Not iPhone: Open a photo from the gallery and tap on it for a few seconds until the “Copy” option appears or access the compartment menu (square icon with mushroom at the top, not the bottom left corner of the fabric) and click on the “Copy photo” option. ”.
  • On Android cell phones: The step by step to copy a photo to the transfer area may vary depending on the manufacturer. On Samsung Galaxy cell phones, open the photo in the gallery and touch the three buttons, on the bottom edge directly on the canvas. Next, tap “Copy to transfer area”.
Step by step how to copy an image from the iPhone gallery and paste the Instagram story

Afterwards, just go back to the Instagram story editing screen, tap on the photo or video (as you can see a text), and select the “Collar” option (iOS) / “Transfer area” (Android) .

Use your fingers to resize the layer. You can upload as many images as you want.

3. Alter or fund to make a nice story on Instagram

Besides adding a background image to the Instagram story, you can paint the background of the post using the “Desenhar” function pins. To do this, just select the desired brush, brush a core and give a prolonged touch to the fabric until the entire story is painted.

You can use solid cores or a translucent layer. To do this, just toggle between the pins on Instagram.

Step by step shows how to use tweezers to paint or fund the story on Instagram

Bonus: Use the dropper to find the ideal core palette.

Step by step shows how to use the dropper to find cores in Instagram story

4. Combine animated GIFs to make a creative story

You can use GIFs in Instagram Stories to complement the idea of ​​a video or a photo. Explore the Giphy gallery embedded in Instagram Stories and use creativity to create attractive and original content for your followers.

The Instagram application now allows you to work with layers, making it even easier to combine different GIFs. To reorder the layers, just press an element on the story editing screen for a few seconds. Next, drag your finger up or down to find the ideal position.

Instagram allows you to easily order litters in Stories

Namely, it is also possible to create your own GIFs and encourage other people to use them in your stories.

5. Create streams on Instagram to get more views on the story

The currents of Instagram allow your story to be discovered by more people, attracting more views from users with potential interest in your content. Also, when you respond to a stream, your followers also end up contributing to the engagement of your publication.

For example: an eyewear brand may start a stream asking its followers to post photos using its most recent release in unusual places.

capture of fabric from the process to create a stream on Instagram

6. Personalize the text in two Instagram stories

The text is an important element to make the stories more attractive to the Instagram audience. You can see different lyrics in the story or create a pattern for all the profile publications.

Another creative resource is to place the text in degrade our stories. A visual detail to make the content more colorful and attractive for followers and visitors of your account on Instagram.

Adding text with different fonts in Instagram Stories

7. Use music to increase the duration of the story

Photos without music have a maximum duration of 5 seconds until the screen automatically plays for the next publication. If you add music to your Instagram story, you can increase the image display time to 15 seconds.

Music figurine allows you to extend the duration of the story with a photo on Instagram

8. Use no-story filters to strengthen your non-Instagram brand

Instagram filters help build an identity for the profile of a breeder or a brand. Add a set of filters that can be replicated in various stories. In particular, those contents that will be saved in our Highlights.

Using filters created by users on Instagram Stories

Now you need to search for filters on Instagram and save those that combine with the purpose of your account. For example, a film profile may use a filter that adds the effect of film or old film to the contents.

9. Faça uma regressive contagion in stories to generate expectations

Use regressive transmission in stories to interact with your followers and raise expectations about a special event. For example, a show of new music or clips of a band.

The interactive figure also allows the follower to share a regressive contagion in a story of their own and the only way to receive a letter about the event. An excellent way to attract the attention of Instagram users.

Regressive contagion figure helps generate expectations in Instagram Stories

10. Transform photos into Boomerang on Instagram

Photos captured with the Live Photos function on iPhone can turn boomerang on Instagram. Just upload the gallery image to Instagram Stories and touch the Boomerang icon, the top of the canvas.

Step by step shows how to transform a photo into a boomerang on Instagram Stories

When you create a boomerang on Instagram, you can share the image in motion as it appears in a “GIF”, and you can also change the playback speed, transforming the small loop in slow motion.

A common example of a boomerang is recording a toast between friends. Meanwhile, use creativity to record other everyday situations, such as a shot in the pool or drops of water falling on the floor.

11. Grave a story with two cameras at the same time

The native Duplo resource makes it possible to make stories with front and rear cameras at the same time. The tool is ideal for recording reactions in various situations, so that followers will be able to see the face of the breeder who is in front of them.

Instagram double mode allows you to film Stories with two cameras

12. Understand Instagram Stories metrics

The professional profiles of Instagram have native tools to analyze performance. The navigation report on Instagram stories shows data that helps to understand the metrics of the social network resource of photos and videos.

Use this information to find out which content formats work with your audience. Discover which stories will help you attract new followers and, as well, have more ideas for creating new content.

Can you make stories on Instagram on PC?

Sim. You can post stories on Instagram on PC using a tool available in Chromium browsers (Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge). However, the tools to edit stories are limited: there is no way to add interactive figures or filters to posts made directly from the computer.

Can you post a story on Instagram and Facebook at the same time?

Sim. You can post a story on Instagram and Facebook at the same time. Meta's photo and video social network allows you to link a Facebook account to make cross-posts between feeds and Stories.

Meanwhile, some Instagram Stories resources are not compatible with Facebook Stories. For example, it is not possible to reshare menções or republish the story in the Facebook feed.

Can you do or story submit within 24 hours?

It is not possible to configure the display time of an Instagram story for less than 24 hours. This is the social network padrão for stories shared publicly, for the list of Next Friends or sent only by Direct.

The only solution to make a content disappear within 24 hours is to turn off the Instagram story. It is worth noting that the stories saved in our Highlights will remain for an indefinite period, until you remove them.

How to make story on Instagram? 12 days to create creative stories