How to open an anonymous guide in Google Chrome on your PC or cell phone

Using an anonymous guide in Google Chrome allows you to browse the website privately. This functionality is important to prevent the browser from storing history, cookies and form data, guaranteeing a more discreet and secure use, especially on shared computers.

However, it is important to note that since anonymous browsing helps keep your browsing activity private on your local device, it is still possible that online sites and services can track it in other ways. Therefore, anonymous browsing is a basic measure of privacy, but not a guarantee of total anonymity on the Internet.

The anonymous mode of Chrome can be used on PC, Android or iPhone. Understand how to proceed.

Illustration with the interface of Google Chrome
Google Chrome (Image: Vitor Pádua/Tecnoblog)

How to enter anonymous mode in Chrome on PC

Click the three-point menu on the top edge directly and select the “New anonymous” option to activate the anonymous mode of Chrome on the PC.

Home screen of Google Chrome with the option to open a new anonymous window.

How to open an anonymous guide in Chrome on Android

It is also possible to use anonymous navigation without a cell phone. From the top right corner, tap the three-point menu and select “New Anonymous Guide” to enter the private mode of Chrome on Android.

Home screen of Chrome on Android with the option to open a new anonymous guide.

How to activate anonymous mode in Chrome on iPhone

On iPhone, to open an anonymous guide in Chrome, access the three-point menu at the bottom and select “New anonymous guide”.

The Chrome startup screen on iOS shows you the option to display a new anonymous guide.

Can you use keyboard shortcuts to navigate with privacy in Chrome?

Sim, Google Chrome allows the user to open an anonymous browser guide directly “Ctrl + Shift + N“. Press three keys simultaneously to open a new private window.

Is it possible to activate anonymous Janela in other browsers?

Browsers like Safari and Firefox also offer an anonymous guide resource. To enter the anonymous mode of Firefox you need to press the “Ctrl + Shift + P” keys. To activate Private Browsing in Safari, you need to open the browser, select the bottom menu and click on the “Private” option.

Does Chrome anonymously save my browsing history?

The incognito mode of Google Chrome does not allow you to save your history, as well as not store cookies, permissions granted to sites or information inserted in forms. According to Google, all these data are turned off after dating the anonymous guide.

What information are you saving when using Chrome's anonymous mode?

According to Google, some information may be stored and provided by your browser, such as your location, for example. Click below so that your activity in Chrome can still be visible.

  • Sites that you visit, including advertisements;
  • Sites in which you have login;
  • Your employer, school or network administrator;
  • Your Internet access provider;
  • Investigation mechanisms.

Also, sites and internet providers still have access to your IP address and your identity, if you have failed to log in to any service. Ou seja, use or Chrome anonymous mode It does not mean being completely anonymous on the internet. In the meantime, this is a resource that can be useful on a daily basis.

When we access a site without using anonymous mode, the browser automatically saves all of our access history. To turn off the information, you need to clear the Chrome navigation data in the app settings. When using the private mode, it is not necessary to manually exclude information.

How to open an anonymous guide in Google Chrome on your PC or cell phone

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