How much should you leave in each country?


When we travel to foreignthe theme of tips It can cause confusion, especially because in Spain it is neither mandatory nor does anything happen if you do not leave it in an establishment. But there are countries in which it is almost an obligation to pay it and in others it is included directly in the invoice you pay, for which you have to pay attention not to pay it twice.

This being the case, it never hurts to be proactive and know what to expect in different parts of the world. Take note of the Tips you should leave in some of the countries most visited by travelers. Don’t pay more.


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The first of the countries to address is USA. Here it is practically mandatory leave a tip, although there is no type of legislation that regulates it. But it is such a deep-rooted custom that, if you want to be well cared for and not have problems, you will have to pay between 15% and 20% of the cost of the service. Keep in mind that in American hotels and restaurants, salaries are low, so tips are justified to level out the salaries of such workers.

For practical purposes, in terms of Room Serviceit is usually left 15% of the invoice cost, although you should first make sure that it is not included in this. Services such as hairdressers, spas, beauty centers and taxis are also estimated at 15%, while in restaurants, cafes and batteries, the figure will be between 15% and 20%.


Paris France)
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In France The situation is somewhat different. If you travel to the neighboring country or plan a romantic getaway to ParisRemember that it is recommended to leave a tip between 5% and 10%. Workers here have better salaries than in the United States, and it is common for tips to be included in the hotel or restaurant bill. In bars, you usually leave your change, just as it is done in Spain.

United Kingdom and Ireland

London, United Kingdom)
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The recommended tip in Londonas well as in the rest of United Kingdomoscillates between 10% and 15%. However, before calculating it, make sure that it is not included in the bill, since it is common for the establishments themselves to charge you 12.5% ​​for this concept. However, in bars, pubs and fast food establishments you are not expected to tip, so you should not have to. You will see that they also have the typical coin jar like in France and Spain, where you can leave your change.

Portugal and Italy

Lisbon Portugal)
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In Portugal It happens like in Spain: tips are volunteers. In this way, you can leave some change or round up the bill if they have offered you a good service and you want to have a detail. Something similar happens in Italy, where it is recommended to leave a tip of between 5% and 10% of the bill to pay, although you are not expected to give it, but it is appreciated that you do so. As is often the case in these cases, make sure the restaurant or hotel has not included something similar to this item on the bill.


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In Germany It is not mandatory to leave a tip either, but you can if you wish. To calculate it, take into account between 5% and 10% of the account payable. Likewise, it may be included in the invoice for Hotels and restaurants some concept such as extra compensation, so be sure first before tipping if you intend to do so.


Zurich (Switzerland)
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Swiss It also regulates tipping in its legislation, so it is mandatory to collect it. You will find it on the invoices of establishments such as bars and restaurants specified as service fee. You won’t have to worry about the tip, although it is appreciated if you round up the price if you are satisfied with the service received.


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In Denmark You will be able to not worry about the issue, because as a rule the tip is included in the bills of hotels and restaurants, as it is mandatory. In addition, workers here have fair salaries, so they neither need nor depend on tips. However, it is more common to round up the bill in restaurants if you want to have a detail with the service for its good attention.


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Forget about tip in Japan. In this country there is no custom regarding the issue of tips, so the most likely thing is that whoever you give it to will feel offended. This act of giving extra money is received as a gesture of superiorityand as a result tips are considered to cause uncomfortable situations.


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As is the case in Japan, China receiving a tip is perceived as a offensive act, so forget to do it in this country too. In fact, in the past, tipping was even prohibited. However, in larger cities, trends are changing in restaurants and bars, where they don’t have to bother if you want to leave a tip or round up the cost of the bill because they have served you well.