Zara imitates Loewe’s viral ‘tank top’ with a customizable empire t-shirt | Entertainment | The USA Print

The Zara top is also customizable

There is a white top that is especially in demand, especially with the arrival of good weather and high temperatures. Although infinitely more expensive than most basic white T-shirts, Loewe’s tank top is one of the most desired, but cheaper versions do exist. This is the case of the latest model that Zara has launched. The Inditex firm has released a top in the same style that can also be personalized with up to eight characters. All for a most affordable price.

It is a garment that has been a trend during the autumn winter of 2022-2023. The ‘tank top’ is undoubtedly the essential basic that names like Dua Lipa or Victoria Federica have already worn, among many other celebrities. Its simple silhouette, with straps, makes this alternative to the usual white T-shirt a way to renew the simplest outfits, also for day to day.

The Zara top is also customizable


In the Loewe online store you can find its famous ‘Anagram tank top’ in white with black embroidery, and other more subtle versions that include the logo detail in white or butane orange, matching the background of the shirt . Its price ranges between 250 and 270 euros. However, Zara has now launched an alternative for all those who are in love with the garment and cannot afford such a high expense.

It is a garment very similar to that of Loewe, which is sold in two colors: black and white. The Zara model can also be personalized with up to eight characters. You can place the text you want both on the front side, on the side or on the back. Its price is 9.95 euros, while if you want to personalize one euro is added to the cost, that is, it would be 10.95. A most affordable alternative for those fashion lovers who cannot afford the whim. In fact, this garment has quickly gone viral, with one of the available models running out of stock.

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As we said, there are several celebrities who have worn this garment in recent months. Last spring, Victoria Federica did it, during the fashion week in Paris, with a less usual register in her. It was a look in which she combined the Loewe ‘tank top’ with black and yellow pants, a leather jacket and the historicist bag from the firm’s spring collection. A looks that captivated many of his followers, who can now get a similar garment at a low cost and, moreover, personalized.