You’re not going to like it returns to Barcelona with the songs from ‘Luz’, its 11th album | Entertainment | The USA Print

You're not going to like it returns to Barcelona with the songs from 'Luz', its 11th album

The rock of the Uruguayans No te va gustar will be heard tonight in the Razzmatazz room (8:45 p.m.) where they will present their latest album, Luz, within the Suite Festival 2023. They do so when they are about to turn 30 years as a band (it will be in 2024) become a reference for Latin American rock with their peculiar sound that mixes ska, reggae and Uruguayan genres such as candombe or murga with the rock guitars that have accompanied them since their beginnings in Montevideo.

Led by Emilio Brancciari on vocals and guitar, the band is made up of Martin Gil on trumpet, Denis Ramos on trombone, Mauricio Ortiz on sax, Diego Bartaburu on drums, Guzmán Silveira on bass, Pablo Coniberti on guitar and Francisco Nasser as keyboard manager. An instrumental variety with a profusion of winds to interpret the sound variety that characterizes a band that has evolved throughout its 11 studio albums from which hits such as ‘A las nine’, ‘Ese damn momento’ or ‘Tan far’.

NTVG’s latest work, ‘Luz’, is another of the children of the pandemic, recorded in a hotel in Uruguay in the middle of nature, its title is a reflection of the vitality of the lyrics in contrast to the moment in which they were recorded. They have subsequently collaborated with the Brazilian pop star Johnny Hooker, with whom they recorded the single ‘Comida’, as well as with the Spanish Leiva, with whom they recorded two songs in Montevideo that are reserved for their next album, which will celebrate three decades on the stages of a band that every time it visits Spain performs the joys of the Uruguayan and Argentine colonies.

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