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The arrival of Sky Showtime in Spain has opened up a territory whose extension we only intuited. Those of us who are aware of these things read news about a contemporary western that dazzled the Yankees, we knew that it was supported by Kevin Kostner and that Hellen Mirren or Harrison Ford had joined him, but since it did not reach Spain, the most skeptical denied it. , and the most cynical said that it would not be such a big deal. Now, the new platform has served us well, and before us lies an amazing narrative universe, with as many hours of enjoyment as there are acres on the Dutton ranch in Montana. While I watch the episodes of yellowstone I wonder how we have been able to live all this time without this series that has made its author, Taylor Sheridan, the prophet of the western.

The good news is that we have, suddenly, a lot to enjoy: five seasons of yellowstone and two miniseries, 1883 and 1923which tell the origins of the Dutton family. yellowstone It is a modern-day western, with helicopters, mobiles and investment funds, but also with horses, cattle and landscapes in panoramic format with the horizon high or low, à la John Ford. It even has Indians!

I have half left all the other series to get lost in the sheepfolds and prairies of that ranch as big as Rhode Island, which will force critics to resurrect once again that genre that they have killed so many times. Because the western is like the theater or the novel: it is always dying. Every year someone signs his death certificate, and the following year he is revived. And revived in its genuine form, I’m not forcing a generous idea of ​​the genre. yellowstone it smells of dung and leather, and it’s the coolest thing on TV. No one coughs up this evil, wild Kevin Kostner.

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