Yanet García boasts a great body with a velvet bodysuit that only covers the essentials | Entertainment | The USA Print

Yanet García. Foto: Agencia Reforma.

yanet garcia she exercises, eats healthy and takes great care of her figure. Because of that, it is well known that the so-called “weather girl” He loves to show off how good he looks at 32 years old through countless publications that he uploads to his official Instagram account to also pamper his almost 15 million fans.

On this occasion, the woman from Monterrey published a series of 6 postcards in which she had no qualms about showing off her great body in a tight black velvet bodysuit with openings, which caused a sensation because the garment only covers the essentials of her front and hips.

“What a beautiful woman 😍”, “You are definitely very sexy 🤤🤤” and “Every day that passes makes you prettier and tastier 🔥🔥”, are to mention some of the compliments that were written to the Mexican in the photographs that also They accumulate thousands of likes.


In another publication, Yanet García took the opportunity to promote the exclusive content that she uploads to her OnlyFans account, through a video where she is seen modeling sheathed with a tiny coordinated lace lingerie that left users speechless because Yanet’s outfit left little to the imagination.

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