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Xavi Hernández condemned the insults against Vinícius Jr.

Xavi Hernández condemned the insults against Vinícius Jr.

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The technical director of FC Barcelona, ​​Xavi Hernández, was very forceful in the face of the acts of racism that have been experienced in LaLiga during the last season, and that have been accentuated against the Real Madrid striker, Vinicius Jr.

Xavi considered that these facts should be fought forcefully, since it is an inadmissible behavior.

Yes, the game must be stopped. stop the game and go home“, commented Xavi during the preview of the match against Real Valladolid.

the strategist he remembered when he was a footballer and his former Barcelona teammate, Samuel Eto’o suffered an act of racism and threatened to go to the locker room.

“You have to stop the game. You have to stop it. I don’t care about the shield, whether it’s Vinícius or Eto’o. It’s very disgusting. I don’t see it in any other sport. Neither in tennis nor in basketball nor in golf, ”he added.

In this sense, Xavi insisted that “The shirt doesn’t matter”, that Vinícius “is a person before he is a footballer” and that you have to “defend the soccer professional.”

And it is that for the Catalan coach some events that only happen on a football field cannot be normalized: “I do not understand as a person and as a citizen that insults have to be accepted. It is the only profession in which it is accepted. I don’t see any baker or worker who receives insults at work. We have to stop all this. You go insult a worker. Surely a brick falls on your head. I don’t have to put up with insults or impudence during my working hours. You have to say enough.”

“It is not my turn to decide, but we have to meet and get tough. It is an educational issue. You don’t go to a football stadium to insult”, concluded Xavi Hernández.

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