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We have an epic fight between the champion of the NXT development brand, Carmelo Hayes vs. the North American champion Dominik to see who is the best champion, Furthermore the Heritage Cup invitational tournament continues,all the details of the WWE news next,

NXT Champion vs North American Champion to determine who is superior

Many fans remember the time when Carmelo Hayes boasted that he was the A champion carrying the NXT North American title, now the title is in the hands of Dominik Mysteriowhile Melo is the sovereign with the maximum championship of the white and gold brand.

Tonight we will see both of them hand in hand in the ring to determine who is the champion who leads the brand,all this while Carmelo has his next challenger in No Mercy in mind, Ilja Dragunov in a great revenge.

The Man Grand Slam is on NXT

The week goes by the Irish Becky Lynch made history by winning the NXT Championship for the first time in her career,tonight we will see her appearing at the show as the sovereign and we will be attentive to any possible challenger, or possibly Tiffany Stratton claim her title.

The invitational tournament for the Heritage Cup continues in group B

We have seen many great candidates for Noam Dar and its Heritage Cup through the invitational tournament,tonight the confrontations of group B continue with el Chase U MVP Duke Hudson vs. Joe Coffey, besides two old rivals from NXT UK revive their rivalry when we see Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne.

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Lola Vice has her individual debut against the young prodigy Roxanne Perez

The unions of Latinas Elektra Lopez and Lola Vice They want to dominate the backstage of the women’s division, however Roxanne Perez does not intend to let herself be controlled and for himor faces former UFC Lola Vice in the ring.

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