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Nick Khan believes that WWE is in a good position to negotiate television rights

Nick Khan led a meeting with WWE staff.

Following the announcement of Endeavor’s acquisition of WWE, reports emerged of a comprehensive personnel review due to the merger with the UFC, which could result in the departure of several employees in the coming months. Obviously, this news had a negative impact on the morale of the company’s workers.

According to PWInsider, WWE CEO Nick Khan held a meeting with the company’s staff yesterday to boost morale and acknowledge their outstanding performance in recent months. Although no details about the possible layoffs were mentioned, the meeting was primarily aimed at providing support and recognition to employees.

WWE held its final “all hands on deck” meeting for employees this afternoon, led by WWE CEO Nick Khan. We’re told it was basically a morale-boosting meeting, to praise how great things are, and how much the company appreciates everyone’s hard work. There were no indications, warnings or comments about possible imminent cuts expected to be made once the Endeavor acquisition becomes official.

Although there is no official confirmation on the layoffs in WWE after the merger with Endeavor and UFC, it is common in this type of merger for companies to make cuts due to duplication of departments.

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