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WWE canceled a rivalry for Seth Rollins due to his 'turn face'

WWE canceled a Seth Rolling rivalry due to his unexpected ‘turn face’.

Ever since Seth Rollins began his new path as The Visionary, his dealings with the WWE public slowly changed until he naturally became a favorite. Since entire arenas are dedicated to chanting Rollins’ entrance song even after the music is stopped, the character was mutating from ‘heel’ to ‘face’ in a sudden but organic way. Causing changes to the plans the creative body had for him in the future.

while speaking in Metro, Mustafa Ali spoke about a rivalry with Seth Rollins which began when he was United States Champion in October 2022 and never ended, declaring that he believes that this change of plans was due to the ‘turn face’ that Rollins was going throughsince Ali was being built as a ‘face’ and this rivalry was no longer of use to any of those involved.

What I think happened was that I was a ‘face’ that wasn’t fully developed, so you have to re-introduce me as this contender. Even though Seth was the champion of bad guys, he was blurring the lines where fans really started singing his song and had to make up their minds. Do we lean into this, or does he agree to be the bad guy?

Things would work out for Seth Rollins, having an appointment for Night Of Champions where he will try to win the shiny new WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Meanwhile, Mustafa Ali has won a battle royal that positions him as the number one contender for Gunther’s Intercontinental Championship., who seems like an almost impossible challenge for the one from Chicago. Although WWE’s plans have changed, it seems that Ali is ready to continue developing him.

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