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While in the Dominican Republic the hangover from the defeat against Puerto Rico has knocked down the smoke of the favorite nation to win the World Baseball Classic. Baseballthe newspapers of the neighboring island enjoy the victory of “Team Rubio”.

This is how the three main media outlets in Puerto Rico: El Nuevo Día, Primera Hora and El Vocero have put the results of the match on the front pages of their printed and web versions.

The newspaper El Nuevo Día headlined “Apoteósica Victoria”, Puerto Rico eliminates Quisqueya in the World Classic.

While the newspaper Primera Hora opened its pages with: We continue to enjoy! Team Rubio takes the Dominican out of the race and gets into the quarterfinals of the Classic.

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El Vocero headlined: Puerto Rico advances to the Second Round! Team Rubio defeats República and advances to the quarterfinals in the World Classic of Baseball.

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In case you still haven’t heard, Puerto Rico defeated and disqualified the Dominican Republic 5 runs for 2.

The win was led by prodigious pitching and Christian Vázquez homered to lead a four-run third inning.

Francisco Lindor hit a pair of hits and scored two runs, with one RBI, while Kiké Hernández went 2-for-3 and produced one for the Puerto Ricans, who finished the first round of the Clásico with a 3-1 mark.

Puerto Rico will clash in the next round against Mexico, on Saturday, in this same scenario.

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