Woody Allen says he is “theoretically fed up” with Marvel movies

Woody Allen says he is "theoretically fed up" with Marvel movies


Until a few years ago, Woody Allen was considered one of the most interesting and reliable directors in Hollywood. Although his films could be considered independent due to the budget and the circuit they appealed to, his scope was always quite commercial, especially because many celebrities sought to work with him. After a change of context, Allen’s name lost impact in the industry, but that has not completely taken away his place in this world and from which he feels safe to criticize franchises like Marvel’s that, according to him, nothing They have to do with the artistic part of filmmaking.

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Woody Allen was one of the most respected directors in Hollywood

Since Allen released his first comedies, some with touches of crime and tragedy, his name became one of the most original of that time, and in addition to being used as a protagonist, his scripts were funny, intelligent and really ingenious. He never presented himself as a conventional protagonist and he helped a lot to break certain schemes that were held at that time about how the main characters and their romantic and family relationships were constructed. Two Strange Lovers – Woody Allen says he is "theoretically fed up" with Marvel movies98% was the best example of this break that brought him fame and left him in a very privileged place that other creators could only aspire to.

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As the years went by, Allen’s consistency in making at least one movie a year proved to be a good way to test his filters when the entire landscape in Hollywood was changing, but he could grow at his own pace. Not all of his works were a success, and certainly not all of them generated an impact among critics and the public, but his career in general was seen with admiration and as a great example to follow, and although many tried to imitate him, none could achieve the same. that he. The last few years showed that Allen was already becoming somewhat repetitive with his material, but he could still deliver interesting stuff like Blue Jasmine- Woody Allen says he is "theoretically fed up" with Marvel movies91%, The Wonder Wheel – 35% or up to A Rainy Day in New York – Woody Allen says he is "theoretically fed up" with Marvel movies80%

Official poster for Coup de Chance (Source: IMDb)
Official poster for Coup de Chance (Source: IMDb)

A few years ago, Allen’s reputation fell apart when his adopted daughter accused him of sexually abusing her when she was a child, and although these accusations were not really new, they gained strength thanks to the movements in Hollywood against abuse. The director had already spent years dealing with this scandal, but things were different then and now the public was clearer about his decision to ignore his projects. After seeing how several of his proposals were rejected or could not be released as expected, Allen decided to continue working in Europe, where his background would not prevent him from working.

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Now that Allen released Coup de Chance – 80% in Venice 2023, critics somewhat reaffirmed its status by considering it a great film in its career, although it did not become popular beyond the festival. Despite this, several comments that the creator made, and continues to make, have become known due to the context from which he said them and because of people’s reaction to them, such as when he spoke about cancel culture, the #MeToo movement or the multimillion-dollar franchises that dominate the global box office.

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Woody Allen joins those directors who despise the MCU and everything it represents

While presenting his latest film in Portugal (via The Playlist), Woody Allen He shared in a very simple and firm way his position on Marvel’s installments and the power they have within the industry:

I’m only theoretically sick of Marvel movies because I’ve never seen any. I don’t like those budgets, it is an industry that has nothing to do with cinema as an art form.

Like directors such as Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, David Fincher or Jane Campion, Allen considers that these types of films do not appeal at all to the art of creating cinema itself, and have nothing to do with what he tries to do behind cameras, or what other great creators have achieved as directors. The premise for these artists is similar, as they despise Marvel movies or their likes because they are made in a certain way and have monumental budgets dedicated to special effects that promote the most superficial entertainment instead of the deep experience that they seek to achieve with their films. jobs.

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