Women’s Chess Grand Prix: Kosteniuk also knocks down the Chinese Tan, finalist of the Candidates | Chess News| The USA Print

Women's Chess Grand Prix: Kosteniuk also knocks down the Chinese Tan, finalist of the Candidates |  Chess News

In chess you can also win without playing very well, especially when someone is on a roll. That happened today with the still Russian (she will soon be playing under the Swiss flag) Alexandra Kosteniuk, former world champion. At the moment with the banner of the International Federation (FIDE), she prevented her fourth victory in the 4th round, over one of the favorites of the tournament, the Chinese Zhongyi Tan, and she is already 1.5 points behind her three pursuers in the Women’s Grand Prix that twelve elite players compete in Munich.

Tan, former world champion and finalist of the Candidates Tournament against her compatriot Tingjie Lei -the winner will challenge the champion, also Chinese, Wenjun Ju-, came out with a great advantage from the opening according to the machines, despite leading the pieces black. But from a human perspective, and therefore much more realistic, her king would be in much more danger than that of the Russian, residing in France.

It was a very appropriate position for inaccuracies. Kosteniuk committed less, triumphed and then was very self-critical in her talk with the press officer, the Spanish Michael Rahal: “I am not satisfied with my game today. But of course it is much better to have four out of four than zero out of four. However, I still have a lot to improve ”, concluded the world champion from 2008 to 2010, who is now 38 years old. With this victory, he rises to 7th place in the world list.

The other most notable element of the fourth round is, once again, the interesting game of the 20-year-old Chinese Jiner Zhu, despite her loss to the Ukrainian Mariya Muzychuk. Zhu has once again shown a great wealth of concepts and has achieved an objectively advantageous and pressing position. But her rival defended very well and she was inaccurate at the key moment.

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Fourth round: Wagner-Dzagnidze, draws; Koneru-A. Muzychuk, 1-0; Jiner Zhu – M. Muzychuk, 0-1; Kashlinskaya – Abdumalik, draw; Paehtz – Harika, draws; Kosteniuk – Tan, 1-0.

Classification: 1st Kosteniuk 4 points; 2nd-4th Koneru, M. Muzychuk and Dzagnidze 2.5; 5th-8th A. Muzychuk, Tan, Harika and Paethz 2; 9th-10th Zhu and Kashlinskaya 1.5; 11th Abdumalik 1; 12th Wagner 0.5.

Fifth round (Monday, 3:00 p.m.): Tan – Wagner; Harika-Kosteniuk; Abdumalik–Paethz; M. Muzychuk – Kashlinskaya; A. Muzychuk-Jiner Zhu; Dzagnidze-Koneru.

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