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La publicación de la foto le causó angustia emocional constante, sufrimiento mental y vergüenza a la cliente.

The publication of the photo caused the client constant emotional distress, mental suffering and embarrassment.

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A McDonald’s customer is suing the company with the golden arches because an employee of one of its branches took a photograph of a part of his body that was accidentally exposed. The worker posted the image on the Yelp review site.

The plaintiff, named La Tia Yarbrough, alleges negligence, negligent hiring, invasion of privacy, and emotional distress in her lawsuit. Yarbrough is seeking compensatory and punitive damages that were not specified.

The unauthorized taking, publication and dissemination of a photo of the plaintiff’s breast is a scandalous and degrading invasion of privacythe lawsuit says, according to KNX News.

The lawsuit also says that the conduct of McDonald’s employees falls under what is known as revenge pornography. This is revealing explicit images of a person without their consent in order to cause them distress or embarrassment.

Yarbrough arrived at the McDonald’s drive-thru location at 3:40 a.m. Asking for his order, he spent 20 minutes trying to place her order, but an employee told him she couldn’t hear her.

When they were finally able to communicate, the employee told her that they were only serving the breakfast menu.

Given this, the plaintiff complained, saying that first she wasted her time by pretending that she couldn’t hear her and then she changed the menu for no reason.

Yarbrough told them that such an attitude was highly unprofessional.

While complaining, the McDonald’s employee began taking pictures of Yarbrough’s car and license plates, supposedly as security in case the situation escalated.

After the altercation, Yarbrough posted a review on the Yelp site.

In response to her complaint, a user named Marquita L mocked the woman with the following message: “Please, the next time you go to any McDonald’s or other restaurant, make sure you dress properly.“.

The user, along with that text, also published an image of Yarbrough in her car, which was taken from inside McDonald’s, and in which an involuntarily exposed breast of the plaintiff was seen.

The woman said she did not expect employees to take photos of her inside her vehicle and she had no idea her clothing had failed. The publication of the photo caused him constant emotional anguish, mental suffering and shame..

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