Woman spends all her savings to care for her daughter with cancer and wins $2 million in the lottery after her recovery | The USA Print

En mayo se lanzó el juego Bonus Cashword, que tiene un valor de $10 dólares.

In May the Bonus Cashword game was launched, which has a value of $10 dollars.

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A Florida woman named Geraldine Gimblet from the city of Lakeland won a $2 million prize with a Scratch-Off ticket from the Bonus Cashword game. The woman’s daughter had finished cancer treatment the day before.

In the end, the woman took a payment of $1,645,000 after paying taxes.

Gimblet bought his ticket at a Beverage Castle store on Pipkin Road.

The day before my mom bought this ticket, I was released from the hospital after completing my last treatment for breast cancer.”, said the daughter of the lucky winner.

“My mom had taken out her life savings to take care of me when I was sick. I am so happy for her!” he added.

In May the Bonus Cashword game was launched, which has a value of $10 dollars and has eight top prizes of $2 million and 20 prizes of $100,000. The probability of getting a prize of any amount in the game is one in 3.12.

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