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La mujer acusada de robar dice que la vecina le regaló la casa y que tiene pruebas para demostrarlo.

The woman accused of stealing says that the neighbor gave her the house and that she has evidence to prove it.

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A woman named Rosemarie Mika, 78, said her neighbor robbed her house, which is worth $350,000.. The neighbor committed the alleged theft by making a transfer that cost her only $10.

Mika, who has already notified the police and has a legal team to help her get her home back, said her neighbor, Aurelia Soogea, 35, forged the signatures on the deeds to make the change of ownership.

Because of this, Soogea is being charged with the crime of grand theft.

For processing the transfer, Soogea was charged only $10.

On the other hand, Lawrence Carra, who is serving as Soogea’s attorney, said that they are contesting the indictment and that his client pleads not guilty.

And the lawyer says that Mika gave her the house as a gift for taking care of it, and that she was the one who transferred ownership to Soogea..

“I think there is conflicting evidence that we will show that Soogea did not forge the deed,” Carra said, according to Business Insider.

The plaintiff’s lawyers say that the lawyer is lying and that, in fact, the two women were not related.

Despite this, Carra said that Soogea has recorded conversations that confirm that they are telling the truth and that the house was transferred to him as a gift..

The case, which is still ongoing, will continue in court on April 13.

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