Willer Ditta throws a dart at the Eagles of America: “Cruz Azul is not afraid of them” | The USA Print

Willer Ditta throws a dart at the Eagles of America: "Cruz Azul is not afraid of them"

Willer Ditta throws a dart at the Eagles of America: "Cruz Azul is not afraid of them" | The USA Print

La Máquina de Cruz Azul will face this Saturday, September 2, against the Águilas of Club América for a new day of the Apertura 2023 tournament of the MX League; The match has generated great intrigue because many speculate that the cream-blue team will easily beat the light blue ones due to the bad start to the season they have recorded this year.

Despite this fact, the defender of the cement makers, Willer Ditta, affirmed during the press conference prior to this important commitment that the team has all the capacity to defeat the Águilas del América and surprise the tournament with a result that allows them to climb positions in the leaderboard.

The player admitted that they are not afraid of any of the experienced forwards from Coapa, such as Henry Martín, Diego Valdés and the Colombian Julián Quiñones, whom he assured that they can be beaten on the pitch.

“We know about Quiñones’ quality and abilities, he is a great player and we are working to counteract their work as well. We know the quality of players that we have, so without thinking beyond the rival is to think about our game, think about our idea that the coach proposes, play one on one. This Cruz Azul is not afraid, although it is true that things have not been happening, it is growing and we know what it means for the fans, for us, so we are going to give everything so that the game takes place in very good shape ” he expressed.

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“The Classics are played in a different way, I also have it very clear so dedication and euphoria will always be there and as I say, With great calm and great measure we hope to be up to the game, to be physically and mentally well, so we hope on Saturday to be up to the task, to play a great game and without a doubt to seek victory, which is the most important thing for us, for our family and for the fans”, he added.

The Colombian defender was also questioned about the decision of his compatriot Julián Quiñones to leave the Colombian team and want to play with the Mexican team for the next World Cup in 2026, a competition that will be held in the United States, Canada and the Aztec nation.

“After Julián Quiñones’ decision is very personal to him, he surely feels very identified with Mexico because he came here very young, It is his decision and I hope he does well in what is to come”, highlighted Ditta.

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