Will WWE Superstars be able to compete in the UFC after the merger? Dana White has the answer | #wwe #Aew | The USA Print

Will WWE Superstars be able to compete in the UFC after the merger?  Dana White has the answer

Dana White talks about the possibility of WWE superstars competing in the UFC and vice versa.

Now that the UFC and WWE will merge into one company after Endeavor’s announcement, the two companies are expected to begin collaborating closely. However, it doesn’t seem like that means WWE superstars will be present in the UFC and vice versa.

In an interview with AP News, the president of the UFC, Dana White stated that there are clear differences between the two sports and that crossovers between the two companies are not expected. However, he also noted that both companies will benefit from the merger and close collaboration.

The difference between the UFC and WWE is, if you look at WWE, they have entertainment value, and they have these guys who are incredible athletes come in and do their thing. It is well known that it is scripted. When you watch the UFC, this is as real as it gets. That is our slogan. There really won’t be any kind of crossover.

All they have to do is pick up the phone now and say, ‘Hey, how did this happen? I need this. I need this contact. How did you do this?’ They all work together to make sure everyone wins.

There is a possibility that the situation will change in the future if both companies benefit from it. It is still too early to tell, so we will have to wait and see how the merger develops in the coming months.

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