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Spain already has alcarràs to its perfect candidate to represent it in the Oscars 2023. He had tough competition, but the stripes and having won the Berlin Film Festival have weighed too much not to rise to the top of the podium to the rural story of Carla Simón.


alcarràs was facing Ace Beastsby Rodrigo Sorogoyen (The kingdom) already five little wolves, the first film by Alauda Ruiz de Azúa. Simón has been very happy in her first statements, assessing the good year of the national cinema: “We are very excited to do this race and we are going to dedicate all the love and time in the world to it. It is an honor in a year of such important films for Spanish cinema”. Despite her short career, it is not the first time that the filmmaker places one of her films as the country’s first choice for the Oscars. In 2017 Spain sent its debut summer 1993 to the Oscars 2018. Unfortunately, she was not selected by the Academy, but it is commendable that for the moment, the director has achieved a full selection of proposals selected by film academics.

In the last edition, The good Patron it made it all the way to the last cut in the Oscar race, but was ultimately dropped as an option. The last time Spain had a film in the best international film category was in 2020, although it lost to that year’s big winner, parasites. But, what is it about alcarràs?

The official synopsis is as follows: “For generations, the Solé family has cultivated a large expanse of peach trees in Alcarràs, a small rural town in Catalonia. However, that summer, after eighty years cultivating the same land, it may be the last harvest.”. Criticism was unanimous regarding alcarràs, pointing out the simplicity of its beauty and highlighting the look of Carla Simón as an author, with a humanist vision of the earth. As for her international rivals, she will have to compete against countless titles sent by different countries. Standing out, for the moment, the German No news at the front and the South Korean Decision to leave by Park Chan-wook

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It was released at the end of April, but surely in view of the Goyas and because of the consideration and trust for the Oscars, it will return to theaters. Can currently be viewed for rent at Apple TV, Filmin, Rakuten TV and Amazon Prime Video.