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Elon Musk does not want to leave a trace of Twitter. There is no blue bird, there is no tweeting either and it has not even kept the name of the social network, now called X. He has also launched a paid version, limiting the actions of users who continue in the free version.

The changes do not end there. The company has just updated its privacy policy, with which it can collect biometric information from the user, as well as their work or educational history.

Privacy Policy

The new X logo also identifies Elon Musk's profile on the old Twitter

The new X logo also identifies Elon Musk’s profile on the old Twitter

Alain Jocard / AFP

In its Web page, the company breaks down these three categories in its privacy policy. As detailed, X can take the biometric information “based on the consent” of the user, to use it for purposes related to security and identification.

However, it does not define what it considers biometric, although other companies have used the term to refer to the data obtained from the face, eyes and fingerprints of users.

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Also the information related to the user’s work and academic life, which is linked to the new function that has been announced for verified organizations, who can publish their job offers directly on the platform.

The new privacy policy for X, formerly known as Twitter, will come into effect on September 29. Until then, the current one will remain in force, which does not include biometric, work and academic data among the data it collects.

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