Why is Lady Gaga not going to perform at the 2023 Oscar Awards gala? | The USA Print

Why is Lady Gaga not going to perform at the 2023 Oscar Awards gala?



Lady Gaga will be one of the great absentees in the Oscars 2023. Everything is ready for the 2023 Oscar nominees to receive the statuette next Sunday at the 95 edition one of the most important film awards.

Between all the prizes that are delivered and the comments of the presenter Jimmy Kimmel it is hoped that the public can enjoy various musical performances. Among these, some of the songs that aspire to get the Oscar for Best Original Song will be performed.

Rihanna will be one of the singers to take the stage of the dolby theater from Los Angeles to interpret lift me upthe theme with which you can get the statuette and that is part of the soundtrack of the film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Barbados is the unique in history in having participated in two of the most important shows of the year in the United States. You have to remember that she was in charge of the intermission of the Super Bowl and now she will perform at the Oscars. Lenny Kravitz, Diane Warren and Sofia Carson are others who will provide music for the gala.

What about Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga is the interpreter of the song hold my handwhich is the soundtrack of Top Gun: Maverick which can take the award for Best Original Song. All movie lovers expected the artist to be another of the guests at the ceremony.

Despite this, the singer has declined the invitation of the Hollywood Academy to sing this Sunday, March 12, at the 2023 Oscar Awards. In a press release, Glenn WeissHe’s done with the rumors. It is possible that the singer does attend the awards ceremony, but she will not sing.

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Among the reasons for not acting is that Lady Gaga is immersed on the set of the movie Joker: Folie à Deux and this has prevented him from putting on a show at the level of this event.

If Lady Gaga had sung in this edition it would have been his third time. The first was in 2016 with Til It Happens to You, from the movie Hunting Ground. The last one was in 2019, an appointment remembered by many. He got on stage next to Bradley Cooper to interpret Shallowthe movie song A Star is Born with which he won his first Oscar.