Who is Vadhir Derbez, Eugenio’s son who is said to have caused his serious injury?


After the controversies and rumors that have arisen around the accident that caused several fractures in the shoulder to Eugenio Derbezone of his sons, José Eduardo, dismissed the version that it was actually a Fight with Vadhir, his half brother.

“He says about the filming, about the car, that even my brother had hit him, things that [son]; nor to the case, it does not go there. It does not go there, “he declared before the cameras.

José Eduardo affirmed that he spoke with his father and, although he was not at the time of the accident, he assures that Eugenio’s version is correct.

“It was already his first therapy and it went quite well for him; I heard him in a better mood, because, obviously, he was a little down because of his arm, which is not working [trabajando] as he has always liked, one hundred percent”, he commented on the process that, according to the actor himself, can take up to 1 year.

Who is Vadhir Derbez who, it is said, hit Eugenio?

The Mexican actor has four children, the first is Aislinn, daughter of the also dubbing actress, Gabriela Michel; the second is Vadhir, son of the dancer, designer and singer, Silvana Prince; later José Eduardo was born, son of actress Victoria Ruffo, with whom Eugenio was married for 5 years; and, the fourth is Aitana, daughter of the singer Alessandra Rosaldo, current wife of the protagonist of the Acapulco series.

Although they all work in show business, Vadhir, who began his career at the age of 6 in the children’s novel Sidekicks to the rescue, along with Belinda; he is the only one who has had roles in international productions such as sense8 Y Chica chismosa acapulcoand the relationship with his father, like his brothers, has been intermittent, since all, except Aitana, agree that Derbez was an absent father.

This detail was revealed in a participation he had with Aislinn in an interview format between public figures named facedthe magazine program the sun risesfrom Image Group.

Aislinn Derbez interviews her brother Vadhir

“What does our weird, dysfunctional family that we have mean to you?” Aislinn asked her half-brother.

“I think it has been difficult, learning to live with everyone; as much as we love each other, but the dynamic has always been very strange. It’s always been very weird and very broken in some way,” he replied.

Vadhir admitted that it has cost him a lot to learn to relate to everyone, because before he was “far away”, although he “would have loved to have her as a little sister”, but now they try more and get along better.

“Forgive me, I think so. All the absence, all the things of kids that we did miss, all the immaturity on his part and he accepts it and has talked about it a lot, as it has been a path for him, “he confessed when asked if he had something to forgive his father.

In addition to acting, Vadhir is already venturing into the world of music, which is what he says he is truly passionate about. His YouTube channel, which has more than a million subscribers, has duets with artists like Ximena Sariñana and Mario Bautista.


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