White House talks about abortion in North Carolina | The USA Print

White House talks about abortion in North Carolina

The White House considered this Wednesday “far from reality” the annulment by the Republicans of the veto of the governor of North Carolina, the Democrat Roy Cooper, to a law state that prohibits abortion from the twelfth week of management.

The spokesperson for GovernmentKarine Jean-Pierre, told reporters that US President Joe Biden spoke with Cooper after his veto was overridden by Republican lawmakers in that state last night.

“It is so unrealistic that that would happen with this law, how radical that rule is with abortion and what we are seeing across the country with attacks on women’s health care, their reproductive rights.”lamented Jean-Pierre aboard the presidential plane Air Force One, on the way to Japan, where the US president plans to participate in the G7 summit.

He recalled that Biden and his Administration have been “very clear” in this regard and that they will continue to fight for the reproductive rights of women.

On Tuesday, Both houses of the Republican-controlled North Carolina state Congress approved overriding the veto the Democratic governor had cast Saturday to ban that initiative.

North Carolina Republicans want the rule, less restrictive than others approved in states like Texas or Mississippi, to become a model to follow in the rest of the country, after the Democrats had better results than expected in the elections. mid-term elections in November, fueled in large part by his defense of the abortion.

The proposal offers exceptions for cases of rape or incest up to 20 weeks of pregnancy. However, it hinders general access to the abortionwith measures such as the obligation to see a doctor in person 72 hours before undergoing one.

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The state has become a destination for many women from other territories seeking to abort, after the June 2022 Supreme Court decision to strike down abortion rights at the federal level opened the doors to a multitude of restrictions in conservative-ruled states.

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