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There are many who have already begun the pilgrimage path to El Rocío. One of the most important celebrations of the year and which brings together a multitude of parishioners in the Aldea de la Virgen del Rocío. This pilgrimage is held every year, coinciding with Pentecost and concludes with a massive gathering, where the parishioners will show their devotion to the Blanca Paloma.

Many brotherhoods have been on the road since the weekend and still have days to reach their destination. One of the brotherhoods that is in its fourth day is already the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Rocío De Osuna. Last Saturday they began their tour from the Sevillian town. An 8-day path, which will culminate with the meeting of the White Dove.

The Rocío pilgrimage

Roman Rios / EFE

But not everything is being easy on the route, since the change in temperature and high rainfall are making the path to the brotherhoods difficult. Although beyond giving up, the parishioners have decided to wear their best outfits and face the precipitation and bad weather.

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This has been shown to us by tiktoker Ainhoa ​​Rueda Álvarez, who has decided to make a video showing the looks of their companions during the trip. ”Today, on our second day on the road, we are going to show you the looks of our brotherhood,” he began by saying.

The first outfit that they show us is that of a woman in a gray Decathlon raincoat, accompanied by sneakers. Wearing the flamenco dress protected with a pink raincoat has been one of the options of a young woman from the brotherhood. Although the only detail that the tiktoker missed was the flower in her hair.

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An American hallucinates with Spanish healthcare compared to that of the US:

Another of the outfits that has had the most impact is that of a young man, who wears a waterproof spray cloak, one of the most requested garments during the journey. Another of the great moments of the video is when the young tiktoker asked one of the pilgrims what her outfit was and the young man could only answer: “I don’t understand such modern words.”

They hallucinate with the spray looks of a brotherhood to survive the passage of rain:

They hallucinate with the dewy looks of a brotherhood to survive the passage of rain: “Where did you get the cape?”


Another of the young men in the video seemed not to be afraid of changes in temperature and decided to wear his outfit without any protection against the rain. With a shirt, suit pants and shoes, the young man boasted of styling. Although, without a doubt, what prevailed the most along the way were the spectacular flamenco dresses, but with a very particular detail, comfortable shoes to be able to walk during the 8 days that the trip lasts.

“Where did you get the cloak?”

The outfits chosen by the members of this brotherhood have not gone unnoticed on social networks and many have wanted to show their astonishment at some of the looks. Others, on the other hand, have taken the opportunity to ask for the place where they have obtained the garments. “Where did you get the cape?”, “The ideal videos, but the hat is superfluous”, “Where is your hat from?”, “Where can I buy those capes?”, were some of the comments.

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The video has nearly 300,000 views.

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