Where can you see all the films nominated for the Oscars? | The USA Print

Where can you see all the films nominated for the Oscars?

The Hollywood Film Academy already has its nominated for the next edition of the Oscars. The Dolby Theater in Los Angeles (California) will dress up next March 12 to deliver the most coveted ‘statues’ of the seventh art. Awards that films, actors, actresses, directors and a long etcetera will receive. some tapes Are they still on the billboard or have not been released in Spain? but mostly They can already be seen on streaming platforms.

‘Everything at once everywhere’

The film that starts as a favorite is ‘Everything at once everywhere‘, which already took three Golden Globes and now compete in 11 applications. It tells how an interdimensional rupture alters reality and the protagonist finds herself involved in a wild adventure in which only she can save the world. She lost in the infinite worlds of the multiverse. ‘Everything at once everywhere’ can be seen on Movistar+.

Between the nominations are those of: best film, best direction, best original screenplay, best leading actress, best supporting actor and actress, best editing, best original soundtrack, best original song and best costume design.

‘No news at the front’

The favorite film for the jury of the Bafta awards (with record 14 nominations)’No news at the front‘, has also received the embrace of the Academy American and has nine Oscar nominations: best film, best international film, best adapted screenplay, best cinematography, best original soundtrack, best production design, best makeup and hairstyling, best sound and best visual effects.

German-American history is a adaptation of the homonymous novel by Erich Maria Remarque of 1929 on World War I seen through the eyes of a 17-year-old German student. can be seen in Netflix.

‘Inisherin’s Banshees’

‘The Banshees of Inisherin’ it’s also one of the standout movies of the year. In other competitions he has already achieved the embrace of critics, with seven nominations in the Golden Globeswas finally done with threeamong which he won the best comedy or musical film and best leading actor, for Colin Farrel. This dark tragicomedy tells how lifelong friends find themselves in a blind alley when one abruptly ends their relationship.

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Now, opt for nine applications: best film, best leading actor, best actress and supporting actor (the last duplicate), best soundtrack, best director, best original screenplay and best editing. The film opens in theaters on February 3 in Spain. Currently, it can already be seen on HBO Max on other sites, but in Spain it is not known who the rights will fall on, whether on the aforementioned platform or on Disney +.


The biopic about the king of rock, ‘Elvis‘, has also come out well in the nominations after winning its protagonist, Austin Butler, the Golden Globe for best leading actor. Starting from this premise, now it could be done with up to eight Oscars: best film, best leading actor, best editing, best photography, best production design, best costume design, best makeup and hairstyling, and best sound. The tape, of Warner Bros. Pictures, can be seen now on HBO Max.

‘The Fabelmans’

The autobiographical film by Steven Spielberg, which won the Golden Globes for best drama film and best director this season, could also triumph on Oscar night with up to seven nominations: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Leading Actress, Best Original Score, Best Original Screenplay, Best Production Design. The film chronicles the life of a young man who discovers a devastating family secret and explores how the power of movies can help you to see the truth for now, It can only be seen in theaters, whose release date in Spain is February 10.


One of the favorites to succeed on March 12 is ‘TÁR’ thanks, among other things, to its protagonist. Cate Blanchett is always a good option and will always bring quality to what you do After receiving three Golden Globe nominations and finally winning the best actress protagonistnow it could also be done with the oscar. The film focuses on the fictional character Lydia Tár, one of the best composers and and the first female principal conductor of a major German orchestra.

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The tape chooses six nominations: best film, best direction, best leading actress, best original screenplay, best cinematography and best editing. We will have to wait to see this film on some platform. For now, I know opens this Friday in theaters.

‘Top Gun: Maverick’

The sequel to the 1986 film ‘Top Gun’, also starring Tom Cruisetells how in 1969, the United States Navy gave rise to a fighter pilot school, a school that the recruits call “Top Gun”. The new film, directed by Joseph Kosinski competes in six nominations: best film, best adapted screenplay, best editing, best original song, best sound and best visual effects. The movie can be seen on Amazon Prime Video.

‘Avatar: The Way of Water’

The new movie of James Cameron ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’that recovers the story of ‘Avatar’ 13 years after the original and which highlights the need to care for water and its creatures, has also achieved several nominations in Hollywood. Cameron as a director has not seemed to convince, but he has made the tape. So it could take four prizes oscar: best film, best visual effects, best production design and best sound. The blockbuster, which has already surpassed the huge amount of 2,000 million at the box office, It can still be seen in theaters.

‘The Whale’ (‘The Whale’)

Thanks to this film, the actor from Indiana (USA) Brendan Fraser seems to have made his peace with the industry. After being one of the most beloved faces of the late 90s and early 2000s for his roles in ‘George of the Jungle’ or ‘The Mummy’, the American He disappeared -and he already explained his reasons, of weight-. Now, come back and do it in stylewith a harsh history (some consider it totally inhumane) and that provoked a standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival. Now, the actor starts as a clear favorite to win the ‘statue’. Specific, ‘The whale’ (‘The Whale’) has three nominations: best leading actor, best supporting actress and best makeup and hairstyling. It’s not on any platform yet because in Spain it opens this Friday in movie theaters.

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‘The Batman’

The 95th edition of the awards has also recognized the work behind ‘batman‘, directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson. This new version of the Marvel superhero features three nominations: better makeup and hairstyling, better sound and better visual effects. Tape can be seen in HBO Max.

Other nominees at the Oscars

In a more discreet way (with a single nomination) there are several productions:

  • Daggers in the Back: The Mystery of the Glass Onion‘, nominated for Adapted script: Netflix.
  • ‘Bardo, false chronicle of a few truths’to better Photography: Netflix.
  • RRR‘, nominated for best Original Song: Netflix.
  • ‘Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro’as a movie animation: Netflix.
  • They speak‘ (‘She Said’), nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay: in theaters.

  • ‘The sea monster’ (‘The Sea Beast’), in the motion picture category animation: Netflix.
  • ‘Turning Red’ (‘RED’), as a movie animation: Disney+.
  • ‘The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse’nominated in the same category: AppleTV+.
  • ‘Fire of Love’opt for the Oscar for best documentary film: Disney+.
  • Navalny‘, nominated as documentary film: HBO Max.
  • ‘Our baby elephant’ (‘The Elephant Whisperers’), could take the best short documentary: Netflix.
  • ‘The Martha Mitchell Effect’nominated in the same category: Netflix.
  • ‘Le Puille’in this case choose better fiction short: Disney+.