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When will the digital wallet of the European Union be ready?

Two years ago the European Union (the EU) revealed the launch of a common digital wallet in all EU member countries. European Digital Identity Wallet, this is the name of this project, its objective is to unify through the same application any digital procedure and, in turn, these procedures can be managed safely. Thus, it can be carried from the National Identity Document (DNI), the driver’s license or pay fines, public bills or taxes through the same platform and any territory of the EU.

Úrsula von der Leyen herself, President of the European Commission, in a speech in 2020 explained that the birth of the digital wallet is due to the need for European citizens to be able to manage public or private procedures from any EU country in secure way: “the Commission will propose a secure European electronic identity. One that we trust and that any citizen can use anywhere in Europe to do anything from paying their taxes to renting a bike,” she said.

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Digital wallet availability

It is expected that by 2024 it will already be available throughout the EU territory. However, at present some member countries already have it available in a kind of ‘pilot test’. Germany, Latvia or Norway are some of the territories chosen to benefit from the digital wallet right away.

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Benefits of the digital wallet

As disseminated on the official website of the European Commission, the digital wallet is intended to develop a technology through which we ourselves can manage our data and carry out any procedure within the EU.

digital identity


The digital wallet will give each EU citizen the possibility of carrying their identity document online. In other words, we will have our electronic identity available to us within the EU.

Store and exchange personal information


With this digital wallet you can pay taxes, bills or even rent public transport. The EU also contemplates the possibility that through the European Digital Identity Wallet You can request birth certificates, medical certificates, open a bank account or register at a hotel.

Total control


This digital wallet aims to give users full control of their data and their administrative procedures, as well as the possibility of choosing which data they share with third parties and which not.

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